This New Service Is Perfect For Makeup Lovers

Are you a product hoarder? Are you obsessed with makeup, accumulating lots of cosmetics? Do your friends tend to gift you with different lip glosses or fragrances, since you're known as the makeupista in your inner circle? That's a "sorry not sorry" problem. Enter eDivv, a new platform for swapping makeup that is unused or unwanted.

The online swap meet of sorts allows you sift through the shoebox of the shades, scents, or formulas that you did not choose for yourself but are perfectly useable.

Why waste a perfectly good olive green shadow or a sparkly amethyst eyeliner because they don't look good with your skintone or eye color? Swap that stuff out, ladies! There has to be someone else out there who wants these items and eDivv is here to make the connection, helping your products find new homes.

When you use eDivv, you buy or sell, or swap. It sounds a bit like eBay, but with the option to trade instead of to bid.

At first, I was sorta like "Ew" and then "Hmmm..." about this concept, since I questioned exactly how sanitary this service is. But since it's designed for unused product and comes with a list of community guidelines, like "Don't be a Mean Girl," to keep the sale and the situation as clean as possible, some of those concerns get tossed out the window, as opposed to the product being tossed in the trash. So "yay" on that.

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Here are the three main reasons I'd use this service, which operates on the mantra that good beauty products should never go to waste. I feel comfortable with bartering away already.

1. It Feels Environmental

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I always have a guilty conscious of throwing stuff away when it's perfectly useable, which is a byproduct of my dad being raised in frugal fashion in the '50s and passing that on to his kids. So I'd feel economically and environmentally conscious by using a service such as this.

2. You Can Sell Lots Of Stuff

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You can sell or trade skin products and hair products, in addition to tools, cosmetic bags, jewelry, iPhone cases, nail polish, scarves, and more. Got a bunch of sample-sizes cluttering your counter? Well, you can swap those, too. In any online sale situation as this, do your homework and always enact a "buyer be cautious" stance. But eDivv seems to foster a real sense of product-loving fun for all involved.

3. It Can't Get Any Easier

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The service seems easy to use. Just sign up via Facebook, upload the stuff you want to unload, or create lists of items you covet and want to obtain or trade. It's a fun little makeup community for those with loads of products that deserve a new, good home. Who knows, you might even bond with someone and meet a makeup lovin' BFF for life because of it. Score!

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