6 Storylines 'Empire' Season 2 Needs For Porsha Because Cookie Isn't The Only Character Who Deserves The Spotlight

Ever since the pilot episode first graced our television screens, Empire has become a titan of the entertainment industry. Anyone who is watching the series is downright obsessed with it. And anyone not watching the series needs to seriously have their head examined. (Honestly, guys, what in the world are you waiting for?!) And while it's easy to single out Cookie Lyon: Queen of Comebacks as the brightest shining star in the bunch (a fact that simply cannot be denied), it'd be wrong to not give proper credit to the other top-notch characters that can be found throughout this phenomenal ensemble — particularly in regards to Cookie's assistant, Porsha, played by Ta'Rhonda Jones.

She may have only served in a guest star capacity throughout all of Season 1, but that didn't make this actress's outstanding performance any less memorable. In fact, as wonderful as the series already is, I'd personally love to see it incorporate more of a storyline for our beloved Porsha once Season 2 kicks off, which, according to a recent interview E! News had with executive producer Ilene Chaiken, there's a distinct possibility of that happening. After all, it'd be an outright crime to see such a dynamic presence like hers go to waste. Porsha deserves more screen time from here on out, and here's exactly how the Empire writers can go about doing just that.

Porsha Becomes The New Cookie

With Lucious securely behind bars (at least for now), this puts Cookie in a bigger power position than ever before. So while she's busy pretty much running the company, why not have Porsha take up Cookie's old responsibilities, such as keeping clients happy and bringing around new business opportunities? Something tells me she can be pretty persuasive when she wants to be, and I'd love to see how it would all hilariously unfold.

Porsha Dodges The IRS

As Becky quickly came to realize, Porsha does not bow down to the tax Gods. (Preach, sister!) I think it'd be pretty amazing to see that all come back to haunt her when tax season rolls around. The IRS don't know what they're in for.

Porsha Contemplates Going To A Spy School

Is there even such a thing as Spy School? (Not that you'd be at liberty to tell me about it even if there was.) There definitely should be, though. And who can think of a better pupil than Porsha herself? Not only is she an excellent secret keeper, but she also served as a double agent to Cookie when Anika tried to recruit her to the dark side. This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful career path.

Porsha Starts A Blog

I don't know about you guys, but I would read the heck out of that blog on a daily basis. Just to be able to see everything from her point of view and have access to what she thinks about the Lyons' family drama would be a true gift to behold. Seriously, writers. Let's make this happen.

Porsha Becomes Cookie's Head Of Security

Now that Malcolm's out of the picture that means his security detail position is up for grabs, right? Porsha would be THE BEST at this job, given her confident presence and take charge attitude. Nobody would talk to Cookie without Porsha's say so. Nobody. (Suffice to say, I'm totally into it.)

Porsha Gets A Flashback Episode

We've seen numerous flashbacks of the entire Lyon family, but I have feeling nothing would come close to the amount of interesting facts we'd uncover from a glimpse into Porsha's backstory. Where is she from? Who are her parents? What was she doing before she got roped into this Empire world? Basically, the more information I can get on this character, the happier I'll be.

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