Hillary Posts Her Baby Photos On Facebook

When I joined Facebook in 2008, it took me a full 18 months to reach that golden 100 friends. Not so for Hillary Clinton, whose Facebook page, set up Sunday shortly after her announcement that she'd be running for president of the United States in 2016, pulled in more than 600,000 friends — or, more accurately, page "likes" — within 24 hours. The already-verified (humph) Hillary Clinton Facebook page boasts a incredibly thorough timeline, a "Sign Up" button that directs you to pledge your support for Clinton at her official website, and a "Milestones" section that is just as spectacular as you'd expect.

I mean, Clinton is nothing if not thorough. Each mini-section has a selection of photos, an exact date, and some text describing exactly what Hillary did, providing the general feel of a Facebook biography. For example, let's take a look back at Oct. 26, 1947, aka the day Hillary was born. (It is a bookmarked milestone, because obviously.) Alongside family photographs (more on that in a second), we have:

Hillary is born in Chicago, Illinois at Edgewater Hospital.

The oldest child of Hugh Rodham, a textile wholesaler, and Dorothy Rodham, a stay-at-home mother, she is joined by two younger brothers, Hugh Jr. and Anthony.

And then...

Upon reaching 1950 on her Facebook timeline, we meet the house Hillary grew up in in Illinois. (Do I spy an Instagram filter on this one?)

And here she is graduating high school and college in full '60s gear.

Thanks to her 1971 "Facebook milestone" of meeting future husband Bill, we have this truly amazing picture.

I know what I'm dressing up as on Halloween. Anyway. Here she is graduating Yale Law School.

Wedding photos galore appear in the "1975" tab, under "Hillary marries Bill Clinton in Fayetteville." "They celebrate with friends in the backyard of their Fayetteville home," the page continues.

Hillary's '70s hair is quite possibly the only '70s hair that ever worked. (And Bill... well, Bill always had a lot of hair.)

As First Lady of Arkansas in 1979, the page continues, "As First Lady, Hillary chairs committees on health and education, serves on the faculty of the University of Arkansas School of Law, continues her work as a litigator, and is appointed to the boards of leading nonprofits and businesses across the United States."

Also, Chelsea happens the following year.

In 1993, a Clinton presidency was born. (I say "a" rather than "the," because, well, you know.)

In 1995, Hillary delivers a landmark women's rights address in Beijing.

Thank God Hillary's Grammy win, in 1997, gets a photo nod.

Less photographed on her Facebook page, but more important (sorry, Grammys): her election and re-election to the Senate, the publication of her memoir, her nomination and loss in 2008 (tactfully phrased as "Hillary formally endorses Barack Obama"). Nelson Mandela gets his own milestone, obviously.

Which, after a few more milestones — the end of Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State; the publication of Hard Choices; the birth of Chelsea's daughter Charlotte — we get to...

Hillary's been planning her introduction to Facebook for a while, clearly. Somewhere (well, most likely Menlo Park, California), Mark Zuckerberg has a great big smile on his face.

Images: Hillary Clinton/Facebook