Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Might Star in This Sci-Fi Love Story Together

She was an awkward teenage girl who turned into a sparkly vampire momma, he was an awkward teenage zombie who turned into a regular ol' real boy. It's a classic love story, or something. Or it's just the past projects of Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, who are being eyed to star in a sci-fi love story that will call back to their roots.

Equals is surprisingly not from a YA book, and rather comes from the mind of Like Crazy director Drake Doremus. The details surrounding the film are still extremely vague, but from what we can gather it would star Hoult and Stewart as a young couple in a science fiction tale that explores "what love means in the future."

Here's the full quote, from, which references Doremus' past film Like Crazy and his current one Breathe In:

Like Crazy was about the past and had a very nostalgic feel to it, and kind of about my past. [Breathe In] is about confronting the idea of love in the present, and then what love means in the future is what I’m interested in exploring next.

Neither Hoult or Stewart are officially signed on yet, so we don't actually know if they'd say yes to the project, but it seems in fitting to what they've said yes to before.

And who knows, maybe Stewart's looking for a love story to help her break out from the hole of the Twilight love story that made her so famous in the first place. The title Equals certainly makes for a promising (if still annoyingly vague) concept.