Did Ed Sheeran Confirm Taylor Swift Is Dating Calvin Harris? He Gives The DJ His "Seal Of Approval" — VIDEO

Whoa. Major news. I mean, major on the Taylor Swift possibly dating Calvin Harris-front. While chatting with ZM Online, Ed Sheeran talked Swift dating Harris. To be clear, and before T. Swift fans start freaking out, Sheeran didn't really confirm the Swift and Harris are a couple, but he had nothing but nice things to say about the DJ, who is rumored to be dating Sheeran's best friend. He said, “He’s cool. He’s a really nice guy.”

The host inquired whether Sheeran gives Harris the "seal of approval." Sheeran responded,

Yeah, I’d give the seal of approval with… there are certain people that are just nice people in the industry. So, yeah, I met him probably like a year ago, maybe a year and a half, but yeah, good guy, really, really good guy.

There you have it. If, and I mean if, Swift and Harris are indeed seeing one another (come on, we know that holding of hands totally confirms it), it's good to know how Sheeran feels. I'm sure he only wants the best for his bestie, which seems possible with Harris. For those worried that Harris might not be the best fit for Swift, well, if Sheeran says Harris is a good guy, which means he'd be great for the "Shake It Off" singer, then he totally is. Sheeran wouldn't lie.

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So, if Harris and Swift haven't made things official, they totally can now that Sheeran is down with T. Swift dating the "really nice" DJ.