Olivia Munn Cast In 'X-Men: Apocalypse' As Psylocke & It's An Awesome Move For Everyone Involved

It seems like every major actor or actress needs to play a superhero or villain at some point in their careers, and for this actress, her time has officially come. Olivia Munn has been cast in X-Men: Apocalypse , the next film in the franchise from director Bryan Singer. Singer took to Instagram to announce the news, along with who Munn will be playing in the upcoming film. Munn will join the cast as Betsy Braddock, whose mutant name is Psylocke, a character you may remember from the 2006 X-Men flick X-Men: The Last Stand. In that film, Psylocke was a villain, though it's unclear whether she will remain one when she is reimagined for the new movie. One thing's for sure — this is an awesome career move for Munn.

Munn has made her love of superheroes very clear, even titling her first collection of essays Suck It, Wonder Woman! The Misadventures Of A Hollywood Geek. Despite The Newsroom star's adoration for Wonder Woman and all of her superhero pals, this is her first time Munn will get to play one on the big screen. I have no idea what has taken casting directors so long to put Munn on their radar as a crime-fighting, power-having badass, but I'm glad that she'll finally get her turn with X-Men: Apocalypse. Now we just have to petition for her to be cast in a major Wonder Woman flick next.

Congrats on the new gig, Munn! It's about time you got to show off your superhero skills.

Image: Giphy