Reggie Revealed His Employer on 'Gotham'

by Kayla Hawkins

In an interrogation sequence reminiscent of Chris Nolan's famous Dark Knight scene but with middle schoolers, Bruce & Selina threatened their way into finding out why Alfred was stabbed and who sent Reggie to Gotham City. The secret is, Reggie was hired by a man named... Bunderslaw? Bunder's Law? And did my ears deceive me (I'm terrible at decoding British accents), or Reggie also mention Mathis??? Could that be related to Ms. Mathis, who's now appeared twice as a mysterious corporate drone? Well, according to Fox's credits for the next episode (not the most exciting source, I know), the man's name is "Sid Bunderslaw," and the original, non-comics character will be played by Michael Potts. Potts looks like he'd make for a good villainous CEO-wannabe type, so maybe they're connected in some way. One of Potts' best previous credits? He was in the original Broadway cast of The Book of Mormon , so you know he'll bring some major chops to the role. Scenery? Prepare to get chewed the hell up.

Sid Bunderslaw seems to really want to get rid of the Wayne family. So far, Jim Gordon hasn't made any headway on the Wayne parents' murder case, but I think he needs to stop looking to the organized criminals in the city and start looking up — at the Wayne Enterprises building. It's one of Gotham's most powerful corporations, and Bunderslaw might be looking to take it over and turn it into a place to distribute drugs and line his own pockets. Occupy Gotham City!

But more interesting than just Bunderslaw's identity is that Bruce and Selina are tracking him together, and they already make for a great team. Batman has always loved him some sidekicks, from Robin to Batgirl to another Robin to Nightwing to the Justice League to a few more Robins, so pairing him up with another amateur detective is working well, especially since Dick Grayson is naught but a twinkle in his pappy's trapeze jumping eye at the moment. And Selina followed through on Bruce's gesture, killing Reggie while the tiny detective hesitated. Wow, Gotham is making Catwoman responsible for Batman's "no killing" policy. That's a pretty big change to the original character. Now just to wait and see how else the Bunderslaw investigation impacts the character next week.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy