Drake Drops A Bonus Mixtape Single

Drake had a pretty exciting weekend, you guys. At midnight on Tuesday morning, Drake released a bonus track "My Side," which will appear as one of the B-side songs on the upcoming physical release of his digital mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Too Late. Aside from that infamous moment when Madonna kissed Drake at Coachella, this was also the weekend on which Drake performed "My Side" live for the first time. Now, the song has hit the Internet for everyone to enjoy and it's a raw, real romantic ballad with a hint of that six conspiracy thrown in.

Well, depending on how real you believe the conspiracy is. After all, we've all known that Drake is from Toronto a.k.a. "the 6," and it's not exactly unusual for him to mention it in his songs. However, the number of Drake songs that mention the 6 on an album are starting to outweigh the number of Drake songs that don't — and If You're Reading This It's Too Late is prime evidence of that between the lyrics, the track titles, and the album cover itself. I mean, Drake already has his studio album, Views From The 6, coming out eventually. How many sixes can one man surround himself with without expecting people to build a conspiracy around it?

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Okay, so, the 6 is only mentioned once, at the end of the only verse in the song:

If I'm working then I know you working

Keep in touch with other women, 'cause you make me nervous

I empower girls that don't deserve it

I don't mean to do that s*** on purpose

It's just that when I go home, I start forgetting what it is

The dream is over, I just get lost up in the 6

The rest of the song consists of hooks that tell a poignant, reflective piece about romance, including such thoughtful lines as, "Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?" and "Got a tight grip on you now. Maybe I should loosen up." He appears to be singing about a woman who isn't as invested in their romantic relationship as he is, and about the uncertainty of where they stand in a relationship that could probably use a little bit more clarifying. The whole song is him telling his side of things, and, sorry not sorry, but my heart strings were tugged.

If I was going to get "lost up in the 6," this is definitely the song I would do it to. Which would fit in perfectly with that conspiracy. Just saying. Check out the song below.

Image: Getty Images