Drake's The 6 Conspiracy Theory Just Got Real

by Kadeen Griffiths

I don't know about you, but I spend way more time than is actually healthy thinking about Drake. Ever since Drake dropped that surprise album to whet the appetite of those of us who are dying for him to release his next studio album, Views From the 6, the conspiracy theories have been abounding about what exactly "the 6" means. Sure, the easy answer is that it refers to Toronto — but that doesn't explain why the number basically formed the backdrop of half the song lyric on Drake has put out, especially lately. Why so homesick, Drake? And, if he's not homesick, then why so obsessed with the number six? This might seem like a new thing to all of us, but some investigation into Drake's past revealed that his love for the number six goes back way further than 2014. In fact, the number six has been following Drake wherever he goes for .

To be fair to Drake, I don't think even he realizes just how obsessed the number six is with him. In most of the pictures below, he doesn't even seem to notice the sixes hanging around everywhere. Then again, maybe the number isn't following him. Maybe I'm just a crazed conspiracy theorist seeing sixes everywhere. However, even the most logical person can't deny that the number six and Drake seem to go together like Beyoncé and awesomeness. Just observe...

1. Exhibit A

Why, yes, that is a six back there on that plane. Just casually hanging out next to Drake's face. NBD. Except for how it is a BD. It's a very BD.

2. Exhibit B

Those six giant spotlights trained on Drake while he performs could be a coincidence... but what if they're not?

3. Exhibit C

Putting a four in front of the six does not rid the six of its power.

4. Exhibit D

Okay, so that's a B for Beats By Dre headphones and not a six at all. OR IS IT?

5. Exhibit E

That blurry address in the background reads 1500. 1 + 5 + 0 + 0 = 6!

6. Exhibit F

Is that a B for Bing or a six for the Drake Conspiracy? The Drakespiracy, if you will? That is for you to decide...

7. Exhibit G

2 + 4 = 6, you guys. He is literally wearing the six. Very sneaky, Drake.

8. Exhibit I

The number in question was a nine in the original picture before my Photoshop got a hold of it.. But you know what a nine is? An upside down six. Hence, if you flip it over like I've done here, you have... another six! Or an upside down nine. Whichever.

9. Exhibit K

All right, so the sixes in Exhibit K aren't really on Drake's shirt, and there was some Photoshop involved in this photo. But the fact still remains that between the sixes he slips into his lyrics, the upcoming album Views From The 6, being from Toronto, and the amount of sixes that have followed him around to this point, Drake might find himself inexplicably connected to the number for years to come. Then again, he might not consider that a bad thing.

Image: Getty Images