'Despicable Me' Fashion (For Adults) Is Coming!

The Minions are coming... to the screen and to your closet, if you're lucky (and in London). The Despicable Me Minions have inspired a fashion line and it has nothing to do with Halloween — nor is it strictly overalls-based, either, although that would've been pretty hilarious.

The pieces are actually cute, they are wearable, and they are yellow, which is to be expected, since the creatures themselves are of that hue. Images of The Minions themselves are prominently featured, naturally.

This Minions-inspired capsule collection, which also includes accessories, were conceived around Minions, the prequel that will land at UK theaters in June. A bunch of designers partnered with the film's production companies to license and create these pieces. I am not 7. Nor am I 12. But I would wear any of the items pictured below, with proper styling, of course.

According to WWD, London labels are leading this charging, with Sanderson, Giles Deacon, Piers Atkinson, Tatty Devine, and Criminal Damage among them. A South Korean denim label known as SJYP is also participating.

The collection is dubbed "Minions Bello Yellow Collection" and if you are a fan of the films, you may already be aware that the word "bello" translates to the "hello" greeting in Minion-speak.

Since the film is set in '60s-era London and NYC, some of the pieces were inspired by that period of fashion, per WWD. So these clothes are by no means flippantly cartoonish!

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Jamie Stevens, an exec at Universal Partnerships and Licensing, told WWD that the goal was to craft "fashion-forward pieces that will appeal to the brand’s young adult and adult fans," along with effectively translating "the sweet and subversive personality of the Minions to fashion."

Mwuhahaha! So this capsule really is ageless and allows you to have fun with fashion.

The line gets it launch on June 11 in London and the global rollout is slated for July, beginning with Paris.

I want to know if and when it will hit the U.S. The film has a scheduled July 10 release date in the U.S., so hopefully we can get some of these items stateside. Please?! If not, there's always eBay.

Here are some of the pieces and how to wear 'em, especially if you're not a tween or teenager.

1. Mod, Mod, And More Mod

This styling definitely captures that aforementioned '60s mod look, thanks to the opaque tights and the model's bob cut. I say go with the roundest glasses you can find, the palest pink lipstick, some false, Twiggy-like individual lashes, and throw on a crossbody with vintage Mary Janes and you'll bring the '60s into the new millennium.

Build the look around the tights, like these cheapies. ($10,

2. Darling Denim

Who doesn't love a sweatshirt for cool days or chilly nights? While this one is paired with the appliqued jeans, you can totally grab a pair of shredded denim shorts at any mall retailer, like American Eagle Outfitters, so you don't overdo it when Minionizing your wardrobe. Leave that to your nieces.

These shorts are perfect for pairing with your yellow pals and black flip flops. ($45,

3. More Modness

This cute tank dress needs a great pair of shoes to complete the look.

These sturdy and stitched Mary Janes would work wonderfully ($110,

Those are my tips for taking these really youth-friendly items, fashion'ing them up, and making them adult-appropriate.

Images: Getty (1); Illumination/Universal/WWD (3); Giphy (1); American Eagle Outfitters (1); H&M (1); Doc Martens (1)