Guys React To Super Stylish Shoes For 'Cosmo'

If you've ever wondered what a guy in your life is really thinking about your craziest shoes, this new Cosmopolitan video, "Guys React To Super Stylish Shoes," has you covered. Even men who love to dress well sometimes don't understand the lengths (and, more specifically, heights) that some women go to to look good. And, to be fair, I don't understand it all sometimes either. Do I still love ridiculous (and sometimes painful — looking at you, stilettos) fashion pieces? Absolutely. What can I say? Playing dress up is fun, if often impractical.

It might not really matter what guys think of our shoes, but it is pretty funny to watch their confusion over tassels and studs and bedazzled emojis on women's footwear. So, no, I won't be switching out my favorite pair of heels because some dude says it reminds him of a marching band competition. But it makes it a little easier to laugh at how ridiculous fashion can be sometimes, and there's definitely nothing wrong with that. I mean, fashion people (myself included) have a way of taking themselves SO seriously. It's nice to laugh about it sometimes.

Here's a run-down of the six shoes and some of the best, funniest, and most relatable comments from the baffled men reviewing them.

1. Strappy Wedge

"I wouldn't last three seconds wearing these." But have you ever tried it?

"I think they're kind of stylish and a little daring, that they might break their neck."

"Look at that; it's like a 90-degree angle."

2. Snake Skin Heels

"I like it on a Bond villianess, I guess." Well, that's specific. But I see what you mean.

"If I want to go hunting and want to look amazing at the same time, this would be perfect."

"I would not approach someone wearing this shoe unless I wanted drugs or something."

3. Tassel Sandals

"She's wearing this to some kind of a national marching band championship." Personally, I am obsessed with these shoes, so I will ignore this criticism completely.

4. Studded Open Toed Heels

"I like shoes that looks like the girl made it herself..." Since when do studs = DIY?

"This used to be a good girl shoe..."

5. Caged Stillettos

"I would not talk to this girl because I would be worried she's not 18." Wait, so high heels and bright colors are young? Hm.

6. Rhinestone Studded Boot

"This is literally every shoe combined."

"This... is... for weird people. And that is something I relate to." I like this guy.

Images: Screenshots