This Guy's Robin Williams Impression Is Perfect

When Robin Williams died in August 2014, my heart deflated a little. He was such an icon for people who grew up in the '90s, with his effusive presence dotting across an impressive spread of blockbusters and other influential films. Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook stand out especially among the slew, for whatever reason, probably because I'm 27 years old and those were the films that kickstarted my love for the prolific entertainer. Speaking of Hook, does anyone else recall the Hook scene remake with the original Rufio? Still not sure my exact feelings on that. Anyway, back to the point: This guy going a Robin Williams impression is certifiably tripping me up with his tribute to the comedian superstar. Celebrity impressions are typically pretty cheesy and unimpressive, but this is...next level, to say the least.

Jamie Costa, the Williams doppelgänger, preludes his video with a sweet aside. Costa explains Williams inspired him to get into comedy in the first place, and he recorded his variety tribute in honor of that. The video captures Costa coasting through a whole heap of classic Williams characters. It spans the entirety of Williams' career, starting deep with 1978 television show Mork & Mindy to 1997's Good Will Hunting, with plenty of other goodies sprinkled in—including my faves, Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook. Costa's expressions, voice and delivery are so similar to Williams', it's almost unnerving. He is like a youthful, earlier version of Williams. Also, I don't remember ever considering Williams pretty hot?? But Costa is making me reconsider?? Let's review some of the highlights mimicked in the video, named as a nod to Aladdin, "Never Had A Friend Like Him":

Good Morning, Vietnam

The way Costa crumples his face is damn near identical to Williams' facial mannerisms. It's a little freaky.

The Birdcage

Not sure why/how someone impersonating someone impersonating a gay man is turning me on so much, but hey, sexuality is a complicated beast, guys.


"That's my happy thought!" I AM CRYING. Remind me to never watch Hook now that I'm an "adult". It seems like it would be way too much. Anyway, here's the complete revue below:

How are your feels right now? Bamboozled? Turned on? Crying? A mixture? Join the club.

Images: Getty Images; Jaime Costa/YouTube (3)