Katie Holmes Joins Twitter: 7 Things We Want to See Her Tweet About

Whether it's picking Pacey over Dawson or marrying Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is no stranger to shocking the public. Yet our jaws dropped when we heard her most recent announcement: Holmes has joined Twitter.

This may not sound like huge news, but for the fiercely private Holmes, entering the social networking world is a pretty big deal. It's surprising that she chose to join, considering that she typically stays mum on all things personal. And while there's no guarantee that the actress will start posting intimate family photos or "stars — they're just like us!" observations anytime soon, there is a chance that she'll use the site to finally open up to the public, one tweet at a time. If she does, this is what we hope to see:

1. More Photos from The Giver

Holmes' first tweet was a slightly changed retweet of a photo posted by a producer of The Giver, the highly-anticipated film adaptation of Lois Lowry's novel, in which Holmes has a supporting role. We've been waiting for this movie for years, and so getting to see behind-the-scenes from the film's own stars is a real treat — and it doesn't hurt that the cast also includes Taylor Swift. Speaking of which...

2. A Friendship with Taylor Swift

This one is practically inevitable. The two women are starring in the same movie together. They already follow each other on Twitter. They both have really weird exes. That's more than enough to create a friendship! Here's hoping they start tweeting back and forth, hanging out in person, and writing thinly veiled songs about Tom Cruise. (Swift should have no problem here — his name is practically asking for rhymes.)

3. Flirting with Jamie Foxx

Foxx may have denied that there's anything going on between him and Holmes, but we're still holding out hope that there's a romance in the making. The two of them, with their similar movie histories, stylish kids, and love of dance, would make for an amazing couple. Thankfully, Foxx is a frequent Tweeter, so there should be no reason the duo can't engage in some online flirting now and then. And if they get together, then we'd most likely get...

4. More Dancing Videos

This must happen again. Katie, gather your friends, start dancing and get tweeting.

5. A Reponse to Suri's Burn Book

Holmes and her daughter, Suri, may get along perfectly in real life, but according to the imagination of the Internet, there's a lot of bad blood between mother and child. Back in 2011, Allie Hagan began Suri's Burn Book, a hilarious Tumblr and Twitter that uses the voice of Suri Cruise to critique the fashion of Hollywood kids (A recent comment on Prince George's christening: "please. My pajamas are fancier than that dress.") According to Hagan's Suri, nothing exasperates the well-dressed 7-year-old more than being seen in public with her less-stylish mother. Sample post: "This is my 'No, I’m not with the lady in overalls and strappy heels' face. I mean, seriously." Now that she has Twitter, though, Holmes has the means to — or at least pretend to — fight back.

6. Jokes About Tom Cruise

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After years of silence, it's unlikely Holmes is going to start bashing her ex-husband now just because she has a new platform to do so. Still, it'd be great to see her send an insulting tweet every once in awhile that gets the tabloids wondering, "Was that about him?"

7. An Explanation for This

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In September, Holmes attended the 100th birthday party for Hellmann's Mayonnaise. Nearly a month later, there's still no explanation why. We want answers.