11 Quirky Television And Movie Inspired Accessories For Spring — For Only The Truest Fanboys And Girls

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This is for all the major fangirls out there. Whether you prefer Game of Thrones over Vampire Diaries or Moonrise Kingdom over the Hobbit, here is a roundup of the quirkiest movie inspired accessories, jewelry, and trinkets that any super fan would love to have in their pop culture collection. These pieces have been handpicked so that only a true fan will spot the subtle nod towards the movies and TV series that are closest to your heart.

Even if you are the only person who knows the meaning behind your quirky, new accessory and you have to reiterate to confused (and unenlightened) friends and family members the tale of your newest purchase — who cares? I for one love talking about my obsession with '80s/'90s fantasy movies and boring the ears off of anyone who will listen to my theories on whom might next be seated upon the Iron Throne and rule all of Westeros. Plus, these little gems are super special because they have been made with the mega-fan in mind. How cool is that?

So liven up your spring looks with these quirky, kooky accessories!

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