Who Is Drake’s "How About Now" About?

Drake fans, amazing news: The Canadian rapper and former Degrassi star (NEVER FORGET) is putting out a physical version of his surprise February digital album, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, on April 21. Along with all of the original tracks, the extended "Collectors' Edition" album will include a few bonus tracks, including "My Side," and "How About Now" — and they're proof that if Drake were going the classic high school mixtape route here, If You're Reading This It's Too Late is sort of like like a break-up mixtape, or something of the like. "How About Now," for instance, has all of that the-one-that-got-away angst, and the bitterness of a lover scorned. Which leads me to wonder: Who is Drake's "How About Now" about?

The artist formerly known as Jimmy Brooks (like I said, never forget) is usually coy when it comes to actually naming the women he pines for and/or feels burned by. However, in my opinion, "How About Now" comes across as a letter to someone from from his past — someone he may have felt took advantage of him/never appreciated him before he was the uber-celeb he is today. Someone whose heart was as cold as northern Canada.

Need proof? Here are all of the clues we have that show "How About Now" is about someone from Drake's past who he just can't seem to shake:

The Track Samples Jodeci's "My Heart Belongs to U"

Jodeci's "My Heart Belongs to U" was released in 1993, which means Drake was just 7 years old at the time. But that doesn't mean the track wasn't special to Drake and his mysterious ex — maybe they danced to it at their senior prom, or maybe Drake used to sing it to her. Maybe it was the final track on a cassette mix tape he gave to her!

The Song Opens With a Voicemail From An Angry Ex

No one listens to voicemail in 2015. No one. This has to be a clue!

He Talks About Not Having Money

Drake raps, "I had no money/ left from back when I was focused on the music." He's definitely talking pre-fame era.

He Mentions Burning CDs

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"I used to always try and burn you CDs of my new shit." Hello '90s and early '00s!

He Also Raps About The Day Ludacris Was a Bigger Artist Than Him

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

That's right kids, Ludacris wasn't always just a star of the Fast and Furious franchise — and it was during the era of Napster! "How About Now" is definitely from an era gone by in the life and times of Drake.

Listen to the whole track here:

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