7 'Hart Of Dixie' Characters Who Need A Spinoff

by Kadeen Griffiths

Hart of Dixie is more than just the show that put Summer Roberts back where she belongs: on our TV screens. There's a reason that Hart of Dixie 's cast of characters, quirky small town of Bluebell, and emotional, dramatic plots captivate so many viewers — and that reason can't entirely be summarized by the casting of The O.C. veteran Rachel Bilson. No, the show gives us so many colorful characters that there's a favorite for everyone to be found among the residents of Bluebell. In fact, there are multiple favorites to be found. If your list of favorite characters is shorter than five, you're probably watching the show wrong.

However, a single hour spent in Bluebell sometimes doesn't feel like enough for me. Every time the show ends, I find myself wanting to see more, to know more, to follow more characters along their journeys to becoming better people. And it seems like the only way for me to get to do more of that is for Hart of Dixie to get its own spinoff show, just like Arrow has The Flash and The Vampires has The Originals. So many side characters would make amazing lead characters in their own series, as far as I'm concerned.

Every character listed below might not be a minor character, but, hey, there's always room for a sequel series spinoff. Here are seven characters I think could lead their own show.

1. Lemon Breeland

Show me a Hart of Dixie fan who doesn't watch the show, in part, for Lemon Breeland, and I'll show you a liar. She's snarky, she's frosty, she's surprisingly warm to the right people, and she's just as much of a joy to watch as Zoe and Wade's romance is. If Lemon wanted to spinoff to her own pun-titled series (Lemon Cakes or Lemonade, for example), then I would absolutely follow her anywhere for the quips alone.

2. Wade Kinsella

Just hear me out. I'm not saying that I want Wade and Zoe to break up so that Wade can go star on his own spinoff show. I would never say that. All I'm saying is that I would absolutely sit down in front of my television once a week to watch an hour long episode of Wade taking his shirt off. Am I proud of myself for this weakness? No, I am not. Am I going to continue to advocate for this spinoff to happen? Yes, I am.

3. AnnaBeth Nass

I just want to watch a spinoff series about AnnaBeth's college days. It would be like Gossip Girl: The Southern Edition. She was a cheerleader and Auburn University Royalty, from a long legacy and a snobby family. Who says Lavon Hayes was the first University of Alabama commoner she ever dated? Maybe she has a type, which we could explore in the backstory. I'm already invested in this.

4. Magnolia Breeland

I think my weakness for the Breeland family might be showing at this point. Darling Magpie, a pageant queen raised by her sister after her mother Alice abandoned her when she was only two years old. There's so much material that could be found there. Maybe the spinoff show should just be called The Breelands, and it can be Gilmore Girls for the new generation. Or maybe we can follow Magnolia Breeland throughout her insane amount of boarding schools.

5. Gigi Godfrey

I love a good villain, and that's definitely what Gigi turned out to be when she came to visit Zoe in Bluebell. However, Gigi was touted as Zoe's best friend, so I'd love to delve more into her backstory, more into the history of their friendship, and, through that, more into the life that Zoe left behind in New York. A single episode is not enough Gigi Godfrey for me, okay? I mean, her name has such lovely alliteration in it.

6. Jesse Kinsella

I might not be here for the Jesse-Zoe-Wade love triangle, especially not now that Wade and Zoe have a baby together, but I was particularly fond of Wade's ex-military brother. Plus, the Kinsellas have such a complicated history with one another that it might be nice to explore Bluebell from the different perspective that Jesse would provide to a spinoff. When your father is the town drunk and your brother resents you, you're already a strong candidate for My Favorite Main Character Ever.

7. Burt Reynolds

Lavon Hayes has a pet alligator named Burt Reynolds. How does that alligator not have its own show yet?

Image: The CW (8)