Katy Perry's Coachella Outfit Is Pretty Wild

There is no shortage of strand Coachella ensembles to reaffirm literally every existing music festival stereotype in your mind. But Katy Perry’s gold bra Coachella outfit is something unique unto itself — it very nearly gives Rihanna a run for her money in the oddity department. The nature of the outfit didn’t catch the eyes of beauty editors for any particular individual component (this is Katy Perry, after all), but for the culmination of elements that came together to create this enigmatic ensemble in its entirety.

Perry paired a patchwork denim overalls/skirt thing with a metallic bralette, gargantuan gold hoop earrings, an orange and gold bomber jacket, and chunky orange sandals. She braided her hair in two long pigtails pulled tightly at the nape of her neck. Over at Us Weekly, 86 percent of readers voted “Girl, that is just way too much look.” Oof.

But more curious to me, personally, was the way I’d immediately noticed something Twiggy about this particular style. No, I'm not talking about the iconic '06s model. That is, Perry seemingly channeled fellow festival-gower FKA Twigs to some degree (who interestingly, also wore an eye-catching patchwork denim ensemble). The allusion to Twigs' and Perry's similar styles was similarly echoed over on ET Online.

Perhaps even more baffling was this bizarre video she posted of Kraft cheese. Because why is a 30-year-old woman in possession of Kraft singles?

Here's the full outfit:

And for your reference, FKA Twigs':

Of course, who’re we to judge the most outwardly questionable fashion trends? This is, of course, festival season. To each her own.