Alright, so you must have heard and seen it by now. The Drake-Madonna kiss. It's the infamous kiss seen around the world from Coachella to the internet and back. It's the awkward kiss between a hot rapper and a hot pop star. It's hard to know how to deal when you regret making out with someone as it is, but when there are cameras, fans, and social media reactions involved, it's probably even worse I'd imagine.

The internet, like usual, was ablaze with all kinds of reactions to the Drake-Madonna kiss. Many of which, sadly centered on Madonna's age (come on, guys). The rest, centered around Drake's bizarre reaction after the fact. While Drake took to Twitter to dispel any negativity surrounding the kiss, his movements tell a completely different story.

I mean, look at him. Was this a surprise? A big mistake? After watching his reaction on replay, it made me think of all the times that's happened. To friends, to people you know, to people you don't know, to the random loud strangers in line at Starbucks. Most everyone has at one point or another made out with someone they probably shouldn't have. And they totally regretted it afterward.

So, to all the people out there who's ever regretted making out with someone, this one's for you.

1. The Initial Reaction

This one's typically followed by the words, "OMG, what did I just do?"

2. Confusion

Wait, who did I just kiss?

3. Disbelief

Why did I do that?

4. Serious Disbelief

No, seriously, WHY? Who let me do that?

5. Self-Consciousness

What will people think? Did anyone see?

6. Denial

I didn't do that. Did I? Nah...I couldn't have. I wouldn't have. I totally didn't. You guys are drunk!

7. Realizing You Did

Oh no, I totally did. This is real life.

8. Acceptance

I did it. It happened. And you know what? I'm OK with it. On to the next.

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