17 BFF Tattoos That Are Cute, Not Obnoxious

Friendship tattoos for best friends (colloquially loved on as "bro and sis" tats) are a pretty adorable idea, in my opinion. But then again, I am biased: 9 out of my 11 tattoos (yes, I just had to count) are images I share with another person I love. That's my former roommate Alanna and me up there with the Roman numeral threes. Admittedly, she (the top half of the photo) clearly took better care of her ink post-stabbing, therefore it's in much better shape a year later than mine. Anyway.

The way I see it, tattoos are forever (hopefully you knew that) but so is love between friends, if they're the best kind of friends with the truest kind of love. So that kind of thinking makes me sweat the exact tattoo itself a whole lot less; Even if I decide I hate Roman numerals one day, I probably won't hate Alanna or the time in our lives we spent living together in a mouse-stuffed 1920s apartment off Exit 33 on the BQE in Brooklyn (hence our loosely-tied image). Unfortunately, many BFFs choose to solidify their 5ever friendship with lackluster imagery (or worse, the infinity sign). But that's not your only choice, bbs! Here are all kinds of wonderful ideas for friend tattoos, courtesy of the magical world of Instagram, to serve as inspiration—or at least, a deterrent to dissuade you and your pal from getting butterflies permanently etched onto your bodies. (Well, I don't know your life; maybe that's exactly what you want/need, but probably not.)


A really sweet and gentle reminder. Not a bad thing to share with a close bud.

Gangster leanin'

Real talk: I am incredibly jealous I didn't think of this first.

Jedi mind tricks

Okay, I HATE those mustache-finger tats, but I am OBSESSED with these light sabers. Genius material, seriously.

I'll be there for you

This is so terrible it transcends to wonderful. It's a real process, trust me.

Sweet tooth tendencies

Knuckle tattoos are badass by definition anyway, but skulls? Yes, please.

Tin can telephones

This. Is. Precious.

Lisa Frank legendary

Goodness, if this isn't a '90s mall girl's glittery dream come true.

Pineapple princesses

The shading here, especially, is superb. Plus I'm never averse to the idea of making vacation vibes last forever.

Burrito babes

Obviously these two need to quit their current jobs and come work for Bustle where we very highly value such Tex Mex awareness. Just kidding, I have no hiring capabilities. But I want these people to be my friends, regardless.

Onward and upward

Aren't we supposed to inspire our friends and let them inspire us to grow into better people? Here's a really great way to symbolize that. Let's improve together, y'all.

Images: becagrimm/Instagram