Check Out Japan's New Collagen-Enhanced Beer

The Japanese may have some pretty bangin' sushi, an incredible history, futuristic fashion, and cuddly cat cafes but it's their far out beauty trends that totally take the cake. Next up: a collagen-enhanced beer, so you can simultaneously get your beauty and your party on. Add that to a list that includes face slimmers and wrinkle vacuums, to nipple bleaching creams, and suddently our Botox injections and Kim K's blood facials look boring as heck. We simply can't hold a candle to Japan' cray cray beauty game.

Precious (great name, amiright?), is a new Japanese beer that's being sold exclusively in the city of Hokkaido and contains the magical wrinkle-smoothing ingredient of collagen. Although collagen is what packs the punch in most anti-aging creams and Botox injections, could you actually have been fighting wrinkles during all of those frat party keggers? Well, the short answer is... Probably not.

Allure reached out to a dermatologist to see if Precious really works, or if they're slapping the word collagen on a beverage is like covering your eyes with some (wrinkle-free) beer goggles. Turns out the light beer (which contains a total of two grams of the collagen) doesn't really have much science to back it up. But I still can't help but hope that it's possible to get smooth skin while you get your buzz on during happy hour. Come to think of it, there's a lot of junk food that I wish could fight the signs of aging.

1. Cake

Imagine getting younger every time you blow out those candles.

2. French Fries

A reason to not feel bad about that drunk (on collagen beer, of course) trip to McDonald's.

3. Donuts

They're good for you, I swear!

4. Pizza

Just think about all that cheesy, saucy, anti-aging goodness.

5. Wine

As if you needed another reason for that glass (or glasses) of red wine at the end of the day.

6. Tacos

Yo quiero Taco Bell... and Nicole Kidman's skin.

7. Coffee

After all those years of overindulging in Starbucks, you might as well have gotten something out of it besides just stained teeth — and a college degree.

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