9 Spring Trends That Aren't On Your Radar Yet

We've made it friends! We've reached the point where we could kick our parkas down the basement. It's time to focus on those spring 2015 trends and slip our feet into strappy sandals. Granted, some of us might be slightly alarmed with the pedicure situation going on, but that's nothing a lunch break can't fix.

Trade in those hot chocolates for iced teas (or if your winter was extra rough, some Long Islands) because that bleak chapter is now over! It's nothing but blue skies and sun hats from here on out. We showed Jack Frost the door and we're starting our sweet love affair with spring. And while most of us are eager to jump right into popsicle colors and cover our skirts with meadows of flower prints, there are some trends that we're excited to get our hands on that you might not have made it onto your radar yet.

While I'm not ones to say no to a good lace dress, I've noticed some interesting styles emerging under the radar that could be fun to dabble in. They're not as popular as short shorts, but their underground feel sort of adds to their appeal.

So give your color-block maxi dress a rest or your fringe bag a weekend break and try out some of these nine new spring trends:

1. The Flatform

You know how finding the perfect sandal can completely change the look of an outfit? How a delicate leather pair can make a dress feel classic, or a suede, caged pair can make that same frock feel flirty and downtown-ready? Well think of what a chunky flatform can do!

It's a bold statement that helps anchor a look by naturally forcing the eye downward. And what's really nice about this style is that during a season that famously calls for just about bare everything it helps make you appear slightly more covered by adding weight to the lower-half of your look.

2. Sweater Sets

The ultimate look for the incognito lazy girl. She looks incredibly put together and always sharp, but she actually takes a quarter of the time you do getting ready in the morning. And she does it by owning classic pieces that can be easily mixed and matched with little thought required. This sweater set trend does just that and is a case in point: Just slip it on, run out of the house, and collect the compliments as you make your way down to the train. See? Just three steps and you're done.

3. Sheer Skirts

While sheer dresses and tops were all the rage last summer, sheer skirts were having a moment during winter. They were paired with long, thick sweaters that hit around mid-thigh or layered on top of ankle hitting maxi dresses. Bring them into spring by pairing them over simple mini dresses or, if you're feeling bold, on top of a leotard.

4. Wide, Wide Brimmed Hats

While you're used to floppy hats shading your eyes while you sip Pimms cups on patios, this style takes you to a whole other level. This wide brim is sweeping and makes a bold statement — but isn't overwhelming. It's the quintessential summer hat, and will add a softer touch if you get it in straw or white.

5. Kimono Jackets

We're all well acquainted with the kimono summer staple. They've gotten us through many a summer festival and charmed us with their dark bohemian colors and fun fringe. But while most of us either have the short cardigan version or the sheer floor-length style, a new style is emerging that has caught our attention. The kimono jacket is made out of slightly sturdier material and comes with a sash, meant to be worn closed and belted at the waist. It's extra fun when styled with a pair of bell bottoms or with shorts and booties.

6. Mesh Skirts

The quieter sister of the sheer skirt, the mesh skirt is going to be a fun piece because it walks the line between sweet and edgy. If you get it in white it gives off a girly/picnic-y vibe, and if you try it out in different hues it adds texture and an excitingly different detail to your outfit.

7. Culottes

Or also known as the miracle pant. They make short girls look tall, don't cut off tall legs with a flood-pant type of situation, and look amazing on both curvy and svelte figures. I don't know who invented these, but I want to gift them my first born. They look incredible dressed down with sneakers and a soft sweater, and show stopping when styled up with heels and blazers. Let's all take a minute to slow clap for this, shall we? Slow clap and shake our head in reverence.

Style note: Just be sure to get a more structured, tailored pair so they don't come across as looking like a midi skirt!

8. Anorak Raincoat

You have your cargo jackets, your trenches, and your denim jackets. Some of you have a leather motto somewhere in the mix, and maybe a statement blazer or two. But do you have an anorak raincoat? The beauty of this piece is that it adds both a preppy and sporty vibe to the look. It gives a dash of schoolboy charm, but also makes you look incredibly classic and put together. It's simple, but with an intriguing punch.

9. Circle Purses

I'm no stranger to the saddle bag or the cross-body purse, but I also know how much a small detail can add to a look. A touch of suede here, a neon pop there, a rogue tassel thrown somewhere into the mix: It all matters. And that applies to shape as well. Trade in your slouchy bucket bags or structured clutches and try out the circle shape instead. It adds some interest to your look in a quiet, subtle way.

Images: Instagram/mooree.official, paranoyafashion, the_odderside, septemberspaceflower,harlequinhearts_, calivintage (2); Zara (2)