What You Want To Know About Joe's Band Nirvanish

Even though the show is about a group of women, Little Women: LA star Terra Jole's boyfriend, Joe Gnoffo, has peaked the interest of fans of the show. As Terra and Joe prepared to welcome their daughter into their lives on this season of Little Women: LA, the couple also managed to stay on top of their careers in the entertainment industry. Joe, in addition to being an actor in a few movies like Benchwarmers and Mirror Mirror, is also busy with his band, which has taken up a lot of his time this season. So what is there to know about Joe Gnoffo's band Nirvanish?

Well, hopefully the name of the band gives you a clue as to what his band is all about, but if not, no worries — I'll explain. Before Joe was in Nirvanish, he was in a band called Post Trauma, which is a lot less traumatic than it sounds. He then became part of Nirvanish, where he plays drums. The band seems to be doing really well, they've got multiple gigs — music industry term — lined up for the next couple of months, which always seems like a good sign in band-ship (meaning, Joe isn't going to be recycled like other drummers in other bands that may or may not have a similar band name).

Here's what you need to know about Joe Gnoffo's band, Nirvanish.

They're Inspired By Nirvana

Either you're thinking "DUH," or you're thinking "OHHHH." If the name didn't tip you off, Nirvanish is a band that works to embody all that Nirvana had to offer as a musical entity. The following is the band's bio, found on their website.

Nirvanish is a tribute to Nirvana that strives to replicate the audio integrity of Nirvana's recorded work while capturing the electric fury that the group was known for on stage. We specialize in tribute performances of the entire 'Nevermind', 'In Utero' and "Unplugged in New York' albums, with additional well known singles for the passing fan and deep cuts for the die-hard grunge rocker. Nirvanish captures the raw live experience for the many fans that didn't have the opportunity to see the legend in person.

They Sound A Lot Like Their Inspiration

Like, who is who, what is what? Here's a video of Nirvanish covering Nirvana's song "Breed" at a benefit concert.

You Can Book Them

I don't know in what capacity, but they are currently booking their 2015 tour now, so possibilities are endless! Just remember Joe is a new dad, so book accordingly.

The Little Women: LA Cast Loves Them

Not only does the band get support from Terra, but the other women have all gone to see the band together. Read this as: If you go to a Nirvanish show, you may catch a glimpse of Terra and Elena dancing to Nirvana songs. And as we know, these women can dance.

Images: Lifetime