This Product Could Help You Get Over A Breakup

Did you just go through a bad breakup, or have a friend going through a rough patch after one? Thankfully, the ladies of Never Liked It Anyway have put together something called the BounceBackBox, which is supposed to be the perfect gift for people going through breakups.

Never Liked It Anyway is a website dedicated to helping girls (and guys) recover from the end of their relationships by profiting from what’s left of it. On Never Liked It Anyway, people can sell their “breakup baggage” that they never liked anyway (get it?). Users can also share stories of breaking up and moving on and even let others know about what they have planned for the money from their breakup baggage, aka, their Bounce Back Plan. If you're wondering if selling things from an old relationship is really the way to go, Never Liked It Anyway says it is:

Psychologists agree that holding on to stuff that reminds you of your ex keeps you trapped in the past. The benefits of making a clean break with your past are HUGE! We think Dr. Cheryl Fraser put it nicely when she said, "by getting rid of it, you create space for now, either for the relationship you’re currently in, or to get into another relationship without hanging onto what used to be.”

If selling remnants from a relationship can help, so can buying new things, and now people have the option of purchasing a BounceBackBox, made specifically for getting over a finished relationship. Never Liked It Anyway isn’t revealing too much about the contents of the box, but some items include Buxom lip gloss, dating passes for, and even vibrators. Even if you haven’t experienced a breakup recently, it's a cute gift for a friend who has. What better way to help yourself (or your friend) get through a rough patch than some snacks, beauty products, music subscription, and a free month of meeting new prospects?

Basically, if you've just ended a relationship, make sure to

Images: Nicolas Raymond/Flickr; Wifflegif