This Role Proved Chloe Grace Moretz's Star Power

What are the most unforgettable moments from Kick-Ass, which is celebrating its five-year anniversary on April 16th? The answer is obvious, guys. It's anytime Mindy McCready, aka Hit-Girl, comes onscreen. Chloe Grace Moretz may have been working in the film industry for five years before the release of Kick-Ass , but Hit-Girl is what really brought her front and center, and rightfully so. Moretz was able to give Hit-Girl a blend of badass persona, mixed with vulgarity, humor, anger, vulnerability and somehow still add some innocence to the character as well. I can still remember clearly the scenes where it was obvious she was going to be a star.

From the first moment Mindy gets shot by her father onscreen to help her get used to the feeling while wearing a bullet-proof vest in a fight, Moretz was a force to be reckoned with, and she proved that scene after scene as Hit-Girl. It makes perfect sense why Dave respected her, feared her, and felt for her. I would have felt the same way in his position. These are the qualities that showed why she's been offered and played so many other incredible roles.

1. First Scene Getting Shot

How is it that Moretz was able to be hilarious and adorable as a girl about to get shot in the chest by her father? This was a perfect introduction to Mindy/Hit-Girl as well as Moretz's talents.

2. Mindy's Birthday Request

Then came this scene with Mindy's actual vocabulary revealed. Clearly she was more than just a little girl play-fighting and training with her dad.

3. Playing With A Butterfly Knife

But her obvious skills as a fighter weren't completely obvious until this adorable scene which found Moretz being both an adorable little kid and formidable at the same time.

4. First Fight At Rasul's Apartment

The epitome of Mindy/Hit-Girl. Moretz may or may not have done all of her own stunts, but she gave this fight fierceness and joy which is a weird combination when you think about how bloody the fight really is. I'm not sure anyone else could have played this scene out better.

5. Confronting Dave

Why was this a stellar scene? Aside from how easily Mindy finds Dave and explains how easy the process really was, it's because of this exchange:

Dave: "How do I get a hold of you?"

Mindy/Hit-Girl: "You just contact the mayor's office. He has a special signal he shines in the sky; it's in the shape of a giant cock."

Vulgar, hilarious, badass. From the start, Moretz proved to be all of these things.

6. The Fight To Save Big Daddy

Not only does Moretz prove Mindy's intelligence and fighting skills, but also the panic and worry over doing anything she could to save her father. These are the scenes that showed Moretz's true acting ability.

7. Big Daddy Dies

After kicking a lot of ass trying to save her father and Dave, Mindy has this final touching moment with her father as he dies, proving that Chloe could make Hit-Girl strong and vulnerable all the same time. She was already playing well-rounded humans at the age of 13!

8. Sad School Girl Routine

Playing up the vulnerable act to finish the job with some ass kicking. Classic Mindy and classic Moretz.

9. Hallway Fight At The D'Amico Penthouse

This fight is much more fierce than first at Rasul's apartment because there's an element of fear in Mindy's eyes as well as her intense determination to avenge her father. Yet somehow it's still kind of funny to watch. The soundtrack in the scene deserves credit here, but most of the physical legwork was all thanks to Moretz.

10. Fighting Frank D'Amico

With one line she said it best: "I don't play."

Images: screenshot/Lionsgate (2); meimhitgirl/Tumblr