Acne's New Eyewear Collection Is Droolworthy

by Eliza Florendo

Going into Acne's SoHo store is sort of like going into an art exhibit—inspirational and eye opening. While I can't exactly pull off their retro mules or oversized frocks on display, it's still a playground for eye candy. And now, I've got more to view in their creative space, because Acne is launching their first eyewear collection.

The frames, which are handmade in France, are unisex. They're all polarized and anti-reflective, and provide UV protection, keeping you safe and stylish simultaneously. And in true Acne fashion, there's an air of too-cool-for-school to them.

These covetable sunnies come in eight different styles: Spitfire large and small, which takes the shape of a classic aviator with a wire frame. The Mustang, a retro frame in an oval shape in four colors; The Library, which takes the signature silhouette of the Acne glasses first displayed in the Men's F/W 2015 presentation and makes it larger;The Sigmund, which sports a round body; the Frame, which is the classic Acne shape; and the Mask and the Mask Junior, a new, futuristic model.

These specs come in an array of different colors, from tortoise, to bright blue, to a peachy pink color called "makeup." Prices for these sunglasses range from $330-$430. And while Acne has offered sunglasses in their merchandise before, this is the first time they're launching a full eyewear collection.

According to Complex, Jonny Johannson, Acne's creative director, said, "I wanted to introduce new styles, and refine our previous designs, to create Acne Studios Eyewear. For this first collection, I've drawn on my role models in music as inspiration and reference - it᠆s up to the customer to guess who."

You can get yourself a pair of Acne's sick frames in their stores and on their website now.

Images: Acne