Is Lucy Hale Leaving 'PLL' Soon?

It was a sad day for fans when Nina Dobrev announced that she would be leaving The Vampire Diaries after Season 6. Dobrev was such a vital part of the series that it made some fans speculate what other television stars might fly the proverbial coop that is their TV series in order to pursue bigger projects — especially the stars of Pretty Little Liars , who'll be entering the sixth season of their ABC Family show come June 2. But, could one of the little liars leave the show for good? Luckily for fans, that won't happen — at least, not if you ask actress Lucy Hale. Anyone worried that Lucy Hale might be leaving Pretty Little Liars can rest east: As Hale told E! Online: "I'll ride out Pretty Little Liars until it's dead because that has been such a launching pad for me and genuinely love and like the people I work with and I love the characters...Mainly, I'm just curious to see what happens!"

Phew. While that's just Hale's opinion, I can only imagine that the other girls feel the same way. The series is renewed for not one but two more seasons on ABC Family, and so far none of the actors have expressed an interest in leaving. That's amazing news, considering I'm not sure how the show would work if it were missing any of the girls. Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna are vital parts of the PLL universe, and here's why no one should leave before the show wraps after Season 7:

The Mystery Involves All Of The Girls...

We all know that A is somehow everywhere — and that no amount of distance will stop A from tracking down the girls and making their lives miserable. Any member of the foursome simply can't get up and leave — A would be on their tail.

...Which Means The Only Way Out Is For One Of The Girls To Die

Umm, SO not happening. There's no way PLL is going to off any of the main girls. They couldn't even off MONA and she was A for two whole seasons!

Friendship Is The Crux Of The Show

Sure, there's the whole "A" thing, but at the end of the day, the girls are really there for one another. They're taking down A together, and are one another's lifelines (often literally) when things get tough. Removing even just one girl from the mix would change the show's dynamic dramatically.

Removing A Girl Would Kill A 'Ship...

The relationship between the girls is why we watch the series, but the scenes featuring Haleb/Spoby/Ezria/Whatever hot girl Emily is dating at the moment are plenty adorable. The short time Caleb left for Ravenswood was heartbreaking enough — if Hanna left forever, I'm not sure fans would recover.

...And We Need All The Girls To Be Each Other's Bridesmaids

That four year time jump could put us in wedding season for Haleb and Spoby, right?! RIGHT?!?

The Girls Work Best In A Team

No one would have solved any of A's clues without the other three. (Well, Spencer might have, but that's besides the point.)

You Just Can't Rework That Opener

Too perfect, can't change it.

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