KISS Products To Do In-Store Nail Demonstrations

Nails have hit the beauty scene by storm this past year, thanks to celebs like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Queen B, and of course, Kylie Jenner (whose nail game is so strong that they're splayed all over Instagram and Tumblr). And to help promote the growth of artificial nails, KISS Products are performing in-store demonstrations at the top 1,000 CVS and Wal-Mart locations, according to WWD.

Professionals on the KISS team believe that the artificial nail market can be promoted by teaching women how to apply the nails. On April 11, more than 50,000 KISS Salon Acrylic French Nails were applied in Wal-Mart, and another 30,000 will be put on in May at CVS locations, according to WWD.

Aside from the acrylic applications, a sweepstakes, named "Snap & Post," will be promoted online, allowing participants to show their new nails on social media. KISS' marketing director Carrie Connell told WWD, "Our main goals this year is getting KISS nails on as many women as possible."

It's a smart move on their part, as most of my hesitation towards acrylic nails is their application and removal. While these nails look amazing on the red carpet stars like Demi Lovato and Katy Perry, I can't help but think they'd look like a botched fifth grade art project if I tried to do them on my own at home.

Connell told WWD this particular fear was the inspiration for their demonstration campaign. “We know there is a stigma associated with wearing artificial nails. That being said, we also know that once a woman tries our products, she is amazed at how easy they are to apply, how great they look and how long they last. This is crucial in growing the KISS consumer base.”

Images: @kissproducts/Instagram