Is It Too Late For Kim & Kyle's Relationship?

Well, that was unexpected. I'm not sure what just happened, are you? Brandi Glanville had been her usual aggressive self during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion. A hot second ago she was calling Kyle Richards a liar for smoking pot in the past but not doing it on camera. But then, as host Andy Cohen wrapped up the third and final installment of the RHOBH Season 5 reunion, asking each of the ladies for a final word or two, Brandi said she hoped Kim and Kyle patch things up. A-whaaaaaat?!

Yes, I am shocked. This is because I personally think Brandi loves to stir up trouble for no reason whatsoever. Exhibit A: slapping Lisa Vanderpump.

And let's not forget that Brandi has been at the center of the drama between Kim and Kyle this season. OK, real talk. Brandi has basically torn these sisters a part, or she's one of the reasons why their relationship has deteriorated. Kyle wasn't a fan of Kim's growing closeness toward Brandi this season, especially when Brandi would say and do such vile things to Kyle with no defense or support from Kim at all.

However, she seemed like she genuinely wanted Kim and Kyle to work things out and repair their relationship. She said family is forever, and there are no relationships more important than the bonds you share with family members. Amen, sister. I've actually found something I can agree with Brandi about. Who knew?

Unfortunately, this might be too, little too late. At the tail-end of the feud over Kim's dog Kingsley biting the hand of Kyle's daughter Alexia Umanksy, Kyle said that she loves Kim as a sister, but she doesn't like her as a person. Kim agreed.

In fact, this kind of icy stand-off has been par for the course between the two of them during the Season 5 reunion. After all of the drama that has gone on between them during RHOBH and in throughout their lives, they now seem to think that nothing can be done to repair their relationship. What's worse is that they seem OK with that. Though it may seem like all of this fighting is the worst thing that can happen to their relationship, rock bottom is actually when fighting for a relationship doesn't seem worth it anymore.

The Season 5 RHOBH reunion ended with Andy and all of the Housewives wondering about the fate of Kim and Kyle's relationship, which is of the utmost concern to me and probably you too, obviously. We're all pulling for you two. Is it a pipe dream to hope that this story line actually gets resolved for the better come next season? Maybe. But it's one that I'm happy to hold on to.

Until Season 6, kids.

Images: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo; Giphy; realitytvgifs/Tumblr