Jiaying Finally Reveals Herself On 'S.H.I.E.L.D.'

No, you just cried over Marvel family reunions! Finally, after almost two seasons, Skye discovered who her mother is on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and learned a little more about her identity, as well as her powers. Skye can commune with and control vibrations. How cool was it to watch her play the wine glasses with her mind?

After not one but two successful training sessions with Jiaying, Skye launched into a monologue about her time in the foster care system. She's never stayed in a single place for more than two years. She would get sent packing for arbitrary reasons. She didn't even know her own birthday. For the past two episodes, it's been painful watching Skye share scenes with her mother or any of the Inhumans without having them acknowledge the relationship. Listening to Skye rave about Afterlife and express her doubts that it would fail to ultimately let her down was totally heartbreaking.

However, it must have been harder for Jiaying hear. At the end of Skye's speech, Jiaying launched into the story of the day her daughter was born. She also revealed that she and Cal had been searching for her all this time, which Skye explained was her dream as a kid — one she shared with every other orphan she's ever met.

Jiaying's teaching also helped put together the story of the Cavalry, also known as Melinda May. The gifted Eva Belyakov was an Inhuman who stole Terrigen crystals after eschewing Jiaying's advice. Eva absorbed pain to become stronger, and went rogue for her now similarly powered daughter. The Inhumans seem to be wary of familial love after this incident, and therefore Jiaying wanted to keep her and Skye's relationship a secret. This is interesting, considering that the Inhumans are ruled in the comics by a royal family. Has this changed, or is this a different group of Inhumans?

As if that revelation wasn't enough, Skye also lost a year of her life in Tuesday's episode. She learned that she was 26, not 25 as she previously believed. If that's the only downside to finally finding her mom after all these years, I think Skye will be just fine with this sudden age jump.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC