8 Iced Coffee Hacks To Make Your Brew Even Better

by Chrissa Hardy

Morning coffee is a must for most of us. Scratch that — it's basically on the same level of necessity as brushing our teeth. The day can't really begin without coffee getting slurped, and if it doesn't happen... Look. Out. World. And for those people who consider themselves iced coffee enthusiasts, these iced coffee hacks are exactly what you need to make your morning even better. Anybody who loves iced coffee knows that the chilly zing of caffeine is a thrilling way to wake up, and we have our signature drink nailed down. While the comfort of routine makes everyday life a whole lot easier, there are ways to take your morning beverage to the next level with simple tweaks. Iced coffee hacks are the solution to the problem you didn't even know existed.

It takes many years of taste testing to figure out exactly the kind of caffeinated drink you need in order to start your day off right. And even though you may have found it, you can easily make it even better. It doesn't take much, and you won't need to alter your routine completely. The following iced coffee hacks are easy to implement, and will not only improve your morning beverage experience, they will also quickly improve your way of life. Here are all the ways to make your beloved iced coffee 10 times more delish.

1. Brew It Cold

Mix in 4.5 parts room-temperature water to one part ground coffee in a large pitcher. Stick it in the fridge, and then when you're ready to drink, strain it with a coffee filter or cheese cloth.

2. Chill It Overnight

When you make hot coffee, add a few ice cubes, and then try to drink it immediately, it just.... doesn't taste great. Unless you have at least 15 ice cubes to toss in like a Starbucks barista, pour the above mixture into a pitcher, and let it chill in the fridge overnight.

3. Add Coffee Cubes

To intensify the coffee strength and flavor, freeze coffee into ice cubes, and then drop them in your coffee in the morning.

4. Add Creamer Cubes

To sweeten and chill all at once, use ice cubes made of creamer or milk to turn your plain old brew into a lightened drink dream.

5. Sweeten With Cinnamon

Instead of sugar, swap in some cinnamon. We all know sugar is basically evil, so this is a healthier way to enjoy your morning coffee.

6. Drop In Some Flavor Extracts

Another way to skip the sugar is to add a couple drops of flavor extracts. Choose from any of the following, and your iced coffee will have serious swagger: butterscotch, vanilla, almond, or coconut.

7. Prep It For On-The-Go Sippin'

To save a few extra minutes, put it in your to-go cup the night before so you can just grab and go in the a.m.

8. Shake It Up

If you forgot to chill your iced coffee the night before, there's still a way to get it cold ASAP. Add ice cubes and put it all in a cocktail shaker, and shake it up until it's chilled to the core.

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