'Catfish' Shares "Untold Stories" This Week

by Marisa LaScala

If you believe the hype about the episode of Catfish: The TV Show that's going to air on April 15, it's an episode the likes of which the show has never seen before. The twists are so unexpected, the turns so shocking, the effect on Nev and Max so startling, you'll be completely blindsided by what's revealed about the couple. That is, unless you watched the show on Sunday before the MTV Movie Awards. Then you'll have seen it all already. On April 15, MTV is airing a rerun of the Catfish episode about Whitney and Bre.

Rerunning an episode of a TV show is obviously fine; networks do it all the time and I kind of count on it when I miss things — I don't even feel the need to set my DVR because I know it'll all just be on again. What's weird is that Catfish social media makes it seem like the episode is new, playing up how surprising the big twist is going to be. (A twist I won't reveal here, in case you didn't happen to watch on Sunday.) There's really no need for that, because I'm sure plenty of fans are going to watch it again anyway. Catfish is like the Pringles of TV shows — you can't stop after just one chip/viewing. However, some viewers are very upset about the rerun, and took to Facebook to express their frustration, commenting on the below post.

However, the Whitney/Bre episode isn't the only Catfish content on TV on April 15. At 11:00 p.m., "Catfish: The Untold Stories" will air. TV listings show this as new, however there was already a behind-the-scenes special about Season 3. It could be all-new with behind-the-scenes moments from Season 4, but I couldn't find any info about the couples who might appear on this go-round of "Catfish: The Untold Stories" (and I'd put my Google — I mean, "investigation" — skills right up there with Max and Nev).

Images: MTV; Giphy