Azealia Banks Is Reportedly Dating Your Old Crush

Azealia Banks is, reportedly, living the dream of every girl who drooled over the brooding, serious Cliff Pantone in Bring It On. I mean, the guy made Torrance her very own mixtape and he ditched his mysterious musician ways to go to the football game! Swoon. Coachella is known for many things, and one thing is a place for seemingly random couplings to make their debut, and it sounds like this time around, Banks takes the cake. Supposedly, Azealia Banks and Jesse Bradford are dating and she's posted two very snuggly selfies of them Instagram.

One thing to notice in her first selfie with Bradford is that they clearly took that photo in her dressing room at Coachella, so I assume that this is not just a random first meeting. They both look really cute, young, and beautiful, and it's heard to believe that Bradford is a day over 21. (He's actually 37!)

A few months ago, we actually wondered what Jesse Bradford has been up to, but apart from his career, I decided to figure out if there have been any signs of a romance brewing between he and Banks on either end. And, actually, there have been some tiny social media clues that something has been happening.

I pride myself in my ace social media lurking skills, and I found a sign of some sort of interaction or flirtation between the two dating back to September 2014. Bradford wrote a tweet where he declared his preferences for Azealia Banks rather her arch-nemesis, Iggy Azalea. This could be the beginning of something special here, y'all, because he's already defended his girl. Aww.

Bradford has also used Twitter to favorite and retweet some of Banks' posts since January, so I like to think that he might have been crushing and was using social media to ~make himself known.~ Hey, celebs, they're just like us! Plus, maybe Bradford was on a flight with her which is why he would retweet such a random story. OMG, an inside joke!

I also scrolled through Banks' Instagram and back in December, she posted a photo of her showing off a new rainbow-colored hairdo. But we need to look deeper into this one, folks. I don't know about you, but her outfit is giving me strong Toros vibes from Bring It On. I know this may be a stretch, but love makes people do crazy things.

There's been a subtle amount of interaction, and if they've been talking for a while, it's been kept very well hidden. But when it came to Coachella, they might have finally decided to let it all go. Sources at Us Weekly say they attended Nylon's Midnight Garden Party together and "were sitting next to each other and whispering with their hands on each others laps at one point... They were hooking up and together all night." Bradford was also apparently stage-side during Banks' epic performance at the festival. Whatever is happening, they are having fun and look adorable and that's what summer love is all about.

Images: Getty Images