Is "The Man" On 'The Messengers' The Devil?

by Alice Walker

The Messengers finally premieres on The CW this week and I already have a lot of questions. The new drama revolves around five people who are killed by a mysterious force and reawakened with the task of preventing the apocalypse. Unsurprisingly, the promos have been a mix of creepy and intriguing. Who are all of these people? What is connecting them? Which one will look the best in the CW standard edition white tank top? More importantly, who is the The Messengers' mystery man who seems to know everything? While there won’t be any answers to these questions until we, you know, actually watch the show, I’ve already formulated a few guesses. The show's plot of five people becoming the Angels of the Apocalypse as the Rapture approaches is clearly reminiscent of the Bible's Book of Revelations, so my prediction is that the The Messengers' "The Man" is Satan. This may seem like a little much, but seeing as the premise of the show kicks off with death and resurrection, it actually kind of works.

Played by the man best known as Hot Jesus —Diogo Morgado appears to be playing the opposite of his character on The Bible. Simply named “The Man,” he is described as an unknown, someone who brings death and suffering. He’s set against five protagonists who are trying to keep the world from ending, and apparently attempts to lure them into doing things against their better judgement. Pretty much the only thing he is missing is horns and a pitchfork to complete the devil imagery. OK, horns would be a bit much, but you get the idea. All signs point to this being a seriously bad dude. I mean, the promo images literally call him temptation.

So now we have a well-dressed man whose name and purpose remains a mystery, who is constantly interfering and causing trouble for our protagonists. Maybe this is just my excitement over the The X-Files revival talking, but is anyone else getting a real Cigarette Smoking Man vibe from this guy? Not to get ahead of myself, but the CSM was a fantastic part of The X-Files mythology and in some episodes easily could have passed for the devil himself. "The Man" (TM? Devil 2.0? I’ll work on a better nickname for him) needs to do a lot of bad things to even get close to this level of villain.

Whether he’s a CSM-type baddie, or more of an Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate kind of guy, I am excited about all of the different directions The Messengers could go with this character. As long as they stay away from the Bedazzled devil-style, I'm happy, because no one needs to see that again.

Images: Ursula Coyote/The CW, 2015 The CW Network; x-philes/Tumblr