'Deadly Revenge' Isn't True, But It Is Familiar

Lifetime is a great channel to find a ton of vengeful people that you hope to never run into in real life. The network's newest film, Deadly Revenge, adds to that group. This time around, Lifetime explores the revenge story of a mystery man's past, and how it could lead to threaten the main character's livelihood. So is Deadly Revenge based on a true story? Don't worry, this movie isn't based on something that actually happened. But this isn't the first Lifetime movie to delve into a terrifyingly vengeful story, and it surely won't be the last.

In Deadly Revenge, Cate falls for her handsome co-worker, Harrison, who seems to be the perfect guy for her. Things get a little more serious, but then Harrison's past starts to reveal itself and it is not pretty. The things that come to light may not only be bad news for the future of their relationship, but for Cate herself. Dun, Dun, duuuuun.

What is Harrison's dark secret? How will it threaten Cate? You'll have to watch to find out, but it's sure to get twisted. And this isn't the only twisted revenge story Lifetime has told. Here's your guide to Lifetime's revenge movies, which suggest that things aren't looking very good for Cate.

A Sister's Revenge

This is one of those "don't trust your husband's hiring techniques" stories. In this movie, Michael hires a new hostess for his restaurant who starts pursuing him, eventually drugs him while his wife is out of town, rapes him, and films it. It's as twisted as Lifetime stories get, but if Cate from Deadly Revenge can learn anything from this, it's not to get involved with co-workers when in a Lifetime movie.

A Lover's Revenge

No, Beyoncé isn't in this movie, but it is similar to Obsessed. This movie is all about a woman who learns her husband is having an affair, but she isn't the scorned lover. Instead, the wife also meets a mysterious stranger. Little does she know, this handsome man is actually someone who blames her for the death of his own girlfriend, and he is willing to do anything to seek retaliation.

A Nanny's Revenge

There is a lot of revenge in this story. When Gina learns who the man is behind her parents' death, she vows to seek revenge in their honor. She sneaks her way into the house by getting hired as a nanny for the family, hoping to get her parents' murderer to confess his crime. He doesn't plan to do that, so things get kind of messy, as you can imagine.

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