Is 'The Royals' Jasper The New Chuck Bass of TV?

by Kelsie Gibson

It's pretty much a fact at this point: Fans just can't seem to get enough of The Royals ' Jasper and his on-and-off-again romance with Princess Eleanor. Following England's fictional royal family, The Royals itself is super addicting with its outrageous plot lines and even more outrageous characters. While there are some hints of the actual royal family in the show (um, the prince falling for a commoner, for example) most audiences agree that Eleanor and Jasper are the new "it" couple, no matter how troubling their relationship is — and that the series itself has some distinct similarities with another popular drama, Gossip Girl.

Ever since Gossip Girl ended in 2012, TV watchers have been itching for a new show to obsess over, and now after almost 3 years it seems like the wait is finally over. With its high end fashion and juicy story lines, The Royals gives us everything we loved about Gossip Girl and more — even the characters are similar!

Out of the show, it's no lie that the most intriguing story line has to be that between wild partier, Princess Eleanor and her blackmailing but still super handsome bodyguard, Jasper. Even though they are so bad for each other (Jasper pretended to have date-raped Eleanor in an attempt to blackmail her, which is a super problematic storyline), we can't help but love them. Probably because they remind us of yet another troubling TV show couple — Chuck and Blair. While I personally see Princess Eleanor as more of Jenny Humphrey (rocker J, of course) I totally buy that Jasper is the new Chuck Bass of TV.

He Has Some Serious Parental Issues

If Jasper really is an orphan like his documents say, he has more in common with Chuck than I thought. They're both terribly alone and have some major trust issues because of it.

He Likes Being In Control

It's apparent in his relationship with Princess Eleanor that he is very controlling. Sounds a lot like Chuck with Blair.

He's Kind Of Full of Himself

Seriously though, who does Jasper think he is (actually the better question is, who is Jasper)? Just like Chuck, he's got quite an ego.

He Fell For the Most Unlikely Person

While we're still not sure what Jasper's true motives are behind blackmailing Princess Eleanor, they can't deny there is some chemistry between them, just like Chuck never thought he would fall for Blair.

He's Not Willing To Commit

Even if he does have feelings for Princess Eleanor, there's no way he's willing to admit that. Because again, trust issues.

He's Devilishly Handsome

Chuck and Jasper's brow game is so on point.

He (Hopefully) Has a Soft Spot

Here's hoping for some major changes with Jasper in the upcoming episodes — and if he really is the new Chuck Bass of TV, I can't wait to see how his character develops.

Images: Giphy, Tumblr/glamorous--love