Fans Of 'The Messengers' Should Keep Tuning In

The CW's new drama The Messengers has an uphill battle rapidly approaching. If you've heard of the new series, you may have wondered how many episodes of The Messengers there will be, but there's no concrete answer yet. Most dramas on the CW, like Supernatural or The Flash run for 22 episodes, the standard length for a network season. But this is a mid-season show, which often get picked up for shorter seasons of 10-13 episodes. But as far as I can find, The CW hasn't decided on how long they want The Messengers' season to be. The show was originally picked up in 2014, presumably to be aired in the fall, but was held back until now. In all likelihood, the amount of episodes will depend on the show's success.

So far, The Messengers' reviews have ranged from ambivalent to brutal, which doesn't exactly bode well for the show's survival. New series that get pummeled by critics need great ratings desperately to survive, so the April 17 premiere of The Messengers really needs to impress the suits with high numbers or a passionate fan following displayed on social media. Watch the trailer below to see how you feel about the The Messngers' chances.

The Futon Critic does list six weeks of episodes, including three complete with episode titles, but even if that is accurate, The CW could cancel The Messengers and cut off the season at any time. And they've decided to put it on Friday nights, behind a reality competition series about barbers hosted by Cedric the Entertainer. Not exactly a match made in heaven. Sci-fi hyper-serious dramas attempting to build mythology don't really mix with reality shows about hair.

So there's a serious incentive for fans of the show to tune in to every episode and right away, because it may very well be on the chopping block. And it's not like there are a ton of apocalyptic Armageddon series. So... if you think that The Messengers Season 1 sounds like your jam, make sure to watch live, or we all may end up missing out on the demon/angel craziness. And even if the show turns out to be not all that great, it seems wacky enough that even the slightest curiosity is worth watching a few episodes.

Image: Ursula Coyote/The CW