Lucky Brand Makes An Unlucky Mistake

Fast fashion reigns in the retail world these days, but finding a great pair of jeans for just one penny? That's unreal, unless you happened to find an impossibly good promo code for Lucky Jeans yesterday. According to Refinery29, Lucky Jeans accidentally sold jeans for one cent each. A promotional discount intended only for Lucky Brand employees was released publicly Tuesday morning. Womp, womp!

By using the code "VDAYCNTST," customers were able to buy two pairs of jeans for the mere cost of two pennies, including free shipping! A pair of Lucky Brand jeans usually retails anywhere from $98 to $170, so you can only imagine people's excitement when they stumbled upon the code. Customers were probably asking themselves, "Is this too good to be true?" The answer would be, "Absolutely!" This discount was supposed to be an employee perk only, but unfortunately was released to the general public.

Since the release of the code was clearly not approved by Lucky, their corporate offices are looking into its mysterious release. Lucky Brand took to Twitter to immediately apologize for their unlucky mistake saying, "Today an employee discount was released publicly. We’ll be contacting those affected via email shortly. Thank you for your understanding." Lucky has since cancelled all one cent jean orders, including the order placed by Distractify's Myka Fox, who recounted her excitement and disappointment regarding Tuesday morning's events here.

Fox is not the only one who is disappointed. Hundreds of consumers took to Twitter to express their frustration with the brand.

Lucky did offer those who were affected by their mistake a one time discount which seemed to appease some of their customers.

It may not have been a penny, but this customer seems to believe it was a fair enough deal! It's nice to see that Lucky honored the discount, despite the huge mistake.