Giuliana Is Returning To 'Fashion Police'

Though things have been a bit rough for the E! star, Giuliana Rancic is returning to Fashion Police. The E! News anchor and red carpet guru spoke with Access Hollywood Live today about the future of the show and her place on it. Not only did the style maven reveal the return, but she also spoke about her private interactions with former co-star Kelly Osbourne.

Earlier this year, Rancic underwent some major criticism after the 2015 Oscars Red Carpet. In a criticism of Zendaya's look, the anchor and host stated that the star looked as if, "she smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed.” The comments were definitely insensitive to the women of color with natural hair and showed a true and deep misunderstanding of traditional hairstyles for these women. Since then, Rancic has issued a seemingly heartfelt apology, but it didn't seem to do her a ton of good with her co-stars. Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin both ended up leaving Fashion Police following the incident and had their fair share of criticism for Rancic.

The star, however, doesn't seem like she's going to meekly continue her gig on Fashion Police. Of the controversy and her return, Rancic states, "I think more than ever, [Fashion Police] is definitely coming back, because [the controversy] shows that a lot of people were watching the show and enjoyed the show...So yeah, it's coming back in September, in time for the Emmys." Though Rancic and Brad Goreski are both set to return, two seats will still need to be filled for Griffin and Osbourne. Osbourne's departure from the show is notable because of her very public reaction to the controversy and statements about her co-host. Of their relationship, Rancic explains that Kelly reached out to her after the comments as a friend. Later, however, Osbourne spoke with the press, harshly criticizing Rancic and sent out some very vague but harsh tweets. Guiliana, however, had no explanation for Kelly's statements to the press or comments on twitter.

Regardless of Rancic and Osbourne's personal relationship and in defiance of the criticism, the show will go on. Whether or not the series will continue to be a success is yet to be seen, but I do applaud Rancic for facing her critics head on.