Nick Fradiani Earns A Spot in the 'American Idol' Top 6 & Continues to Coast Through This Competition

The American Idol live shows are heating up and the game is getting real for the remaining seven (soon to be six) contestants. One contestant who has seemingly coasted through this entire game is Nick Fradiani. Don't get me wrong, this guy is good — but he's hardly memorable. The judges rarely have any negative comments for him, which is working in his favor, but there is no wow factor about Fradiani. So why is he still around? His style is exactly what we hear on the radio today, and that's why he has made it so far in this game.

Fradiani has plenty going for him — he can sing, play guitar, and is pretty easy on the eyes. But he's not on the same level of artistry as many of this season's contestants are — and that's why he's doing so well in this game. The artists are great, but they are continuing to get eliminated because their styles are very niche. Fradiani is modern and radio-ready, which is why he continues to win votes. He may not have many vocal tricks to pull out in his performances, but that's not what the audience wants. The voters are looking for someone they will be excited to spend money on iTunes for and listen to on the radio. Quirky styles get old and don't translate well to albums — but Fradiani's classic style does.

This season is full of talented contestants, which is why I've been so surprised that Fradiani has made it this far. But I'm finally getting it now that we're in the home-stretch. As talented as the contestants are, some are just too out-there to win the popular vote. Sure, they have very dedicated niche followings, but those followings are getting outnumbered now that the vote is being divided by less and less contestants. So those quirky singers better watch out, because as ordinary as Fradiani is, he's exactly what America's looking for.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX