Is Victor Athletics The New American Apparel?

Now these are some elevated basics we have to get our hands on. And, thanks to the internet, we can soon: Victor Athletics' Kickstarter campaign raised over $123,000 to fund the launch of the clothing line. Starting a fashion business is obviously wildly expensive, but creating U.S.-made, vintage-inspired comfort clothes? Priceless.

Hailed as "an early-stage, better quality American Apparel, without the controversial PR" by Fashionista, Victor Athletics' focus is on creating quality activewear, from cozy crewneck pullovers to cotton tees to classic joggers. All of which I'm pretty sure I need.

Even better? By taking out middleman retailers, Victor Athletics is keeping prices down. According to their website, they're keeping costs low by "pricing clothes straight from the factory to you. A sweatshirt that would typically be $125 is now $65."

A big part of Victor Athletics' mission is to support the people who put the clothes on our backs, literally. In addition to paying fair wages to the factory workers who create the products, they've promised to give 5 percent of after-tax profits to the factories to invest back into their workers.

After knowing more about this company, I really wish I would've gotten in on this Kickstarter before it ended today — and I'm not going to lie, part of the reason is that they're rewarding donors with some of the first products they create. Ah, well. I'll have my eye on the next cool Kickstarter campaign.

Image: victorathletics/Instagram