What 9 'GoT' Women Would Have In Their Undie Boxes

If you are a GoT fan, like me, you will have squealed with joy last Sunday as the first episode of season 5 aired, and brought with it the return of the fabulously wicked women of Game of Thrones . It was pretty spectacular, wasn't it? Despite losing my favorite character, Shae, last season (I love her, okay?) I couldn't wait to see what would be in store for Arya and her fellow feisty females of Westeros.The HBO show has become famous in part for its array of complex and stylish female characters. I find myself riddled with hair envy every time I binge watch. If you want to know how to work hair braids, and do it well, you need only watch a Daenerys-heavy episode for some inspiration. Sartorially too, the ladies of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond are pretty on point. Costume designer Michele Clapton creates the incredibly intricate embroidered gowns for the show. Perfectly constructed, creating an ideal balance of fantasy and symbolism with believability — and taking inspiration from high fashion to boot — Clapton has made the GoT lasses some seriously covetable wardrobes.

It's not a secret that GoT is anything but prudish. With sexual intrigue at the heart of many a storyline, the ladies and gents of George R.R. Martin's universe just can't seem to keep their clothes on! (Although I would like to note that it's more often the girlies with their bits out. Come on, HBO, you need to even the playing field here! GoT peen FTW!) I personally think it's great that the show isn't shy, and love the way that the female characters' experiences of their own sexualities are part of their intricate character development.

As a lover of lingerie, as well as GoT, I got to thinking about what Daenerys and co would be sporting in their boudoirs if they were real life badass women? And how can we fangirls channel our favorite characters underneath our clothes?

For your enjoyment, ladies and gentlemen readers, I have compiled a collection of Game of Thrones inspired lingerie, tailored to nine of my favorite Westerosi beauty queens, available on a high street or high born budget!

1. Shae

Although there has been a lot of hate towards Shae since her death (R.I.P beautiful lady), she is still my favorite GoT character and I miss her! With her witty turn of phrase ("I'm Shae the funny whore"), gorgeous accent, intelligence, and kind heart, I could argue she was the most genuine and lovely lady in the Seven Kingdoms. Also, her wardrobe was to die for! The other Westerosi women may have flowing gowns or shining armor, but I loved the simplicity and perfect billowing shapes of Shae's working woman's attire. If Shae were alive and real, her lingerie drawer would be pared down and minimal. She'd not often wear a bra — or panties for that matter. When the mood would take her to wear lingerie, she'd don something wispy and sheer, and always in her signature natural blush pink.

Ruffle Front Teddy, $51,

Sheer Tactel Low Shorts In Blush, $48,

2. Ygritte

Close runner up for my top GoT girl crush is straight talking, flirtatious Ygritte — Jon Snow's true love — who also met a tragic end last season. (Why does everyone I love keep dying? WHY?!) A woman of the Free Folk, Ygritte is blunt, honest, and down to earth. She's a proper Northern lass, and Celtic beauty — as well as being pretty skilled with a bow and arrow.If Jon Snow and Ygritte were to have a real life cave tryst, I imagine Ygritte as all fur coat and no knickers. Channel your inner Wildling in an Ygritte-inspired faux fur wrap. I can imagine her draped in it seductively with her signature playful grin. I think Ygritte would be a bit of a kinky lady in the bedroom (what with all the cat and mouse games on screen between her and Jon), so I've chosen some light BDSM-inspired harness panties for our North of The Wall darling to complete her bedroom attire.

Faux Arctic Wolf Fur Stole, $60,

Midnight High Waisted Wrap Knickers, $31,

Felted Wool Scarf, $225,

Ludique Lilith High Waisted Knickers, $135,

3. Daenerys

Easily one of the most badass women on television, Daenerys Targaryen is both beautiful and a feminist icon of epic proportions. Not only did she overthrow her abusive brother (by getting her new horse-lord king husband to pour molten gold on his head, at that) and turn a potentially damaging marriage into true love, but she is literally the mother of three huge dragons and overcomes all kinds of diversity. (Although I feel she's becoming a bit self righteous and power crazy of late... I hope she's not going down the same route as her "Mad King" father. Eek.)The ever-evolving style of the Khaleesi tracks her personal journey symbolically. We meet Daernerys, a meek and young girl in a world of psycho men, and watch as she develops into a strong and accomplished woman. Her wardrobe simultaneously undergoes a metamorphosis, starting off full of flimsy dresses and gaining a tougher element as she grows in confidence. All the while taking detours in between, depending on available resources and whatever city she's conquering at the time.My personal favorite pieces in Dany's 'drobe are the more feminine ones that visually represent her vulnerable and kind heart. If she was feeling that way inclined, Daenerys would slip into a sheer negligee, or mix a violet-hued pair of comfortable but sexy silk shorties with a bra with strappy details. Feminine and floaty but with a relaxed and slightly warrior-like vibe.

Sheer Vintage 70s Slip, $48,

Free People Striped Mesh Soft Pink Bra, $42,

Powder Blush Satin French Knickers, $37,

4. Margaery

I'm starting to learn to love Margaery Tyrell, and not just because Natalie Dormer has the most adorable fairy face I ever did see. Margaery is a survivor, and is not afraid to be diplomatically sly about it. However, unlike outwardly manipulative and nasty characters, Margaery seems to put a posi-vibes spin on her courtly wiles. Although her charity giving and loving of orphans from her ivory tower could seem a little slimy, Margaery never pushes other ladies down to forward herself. Either way, she does what she can to get by in a world where women are often political pawns, without being hideous to her fellow females. Thumbs up.With her signature plunging necklines, directional revealing cut-outs and floral patterns in subdued mermaid-hues, Margaery's real life lingerie collection would play with structure and pattern. She would adorn herself in cold-toned florals in greens, blues and golds, and play with peek-a-boo stylings for a stylishly seductive look that is all her own.

"Zelda" Bra, $42,

Blue Moon Floral Pattern Panties, $25,

Wrap It Up Soft Bra, $57,

Geisha Lace Brief, $103,

5. Melisandre

There is no denying that Lady Melisandre is a terrifying "religious" fundamentalist who can birth murderous, smokey baby-men from her frou-frou. But she is also creepily stylish. Serious, smoldering, and witchy, Melisandre (a.k.a. The Red Woman) show us how to master a signature color.If Melisandre were a real life lady, not only would she be scary as hell, she'd also be a master seductress. Only wearing oxblood red in bed (and all other times), maybe with a hint of black — such as this unusual, fringed sense-play eye mask — Melisandre would have her fair share of silk satin pieces. She'd experiment with texture — cloaking herself in red velvet to chiffons, to give her ruby lingerie a bit of diversity.

BlueBella Sasha Fringed Eyemask, $19,

Strappy Front Teddy, $46,

Scarlet Guipure Bra & Derriere Brief, $157,

6. Brienne of Tarth

Queen of androgyny, and kick ass swords woman, Brienne of Tarth is a bonafide legend. She fought a bear for crying out loud! Her story is one of body pos inspiration, but it's not all smiles. As a young woman, Brienne was mocked for her statuesque and stereotypically "boyish" look, so she decide to say f*ck it to society and work towards knighthood instead.Brienne reminds us ladies to stay true to ourselves and be a fighter (although not always literally), and for that reason she's a bit of a heroine! If Brienne were a living, breathing lady in the 21st century, her preference in undies would be foremost practical. Brienne would favor a sporty look for comfort and ease. Saying that, though, she'd be all about structure, and anything that could be vaguely armor-inspired. With her modelesque frame and smaller chest, she'd favor non-underwired cups, and would stick to noble shades of blues — maybe with a touch of gold or silver.

Deco Lingerie Set, $90,

Strappy Front Bra, $72,

Dolce&Gabbana Stretch Satn High Waisted Silver Briefs, $108,

7. Sansa

Sansa, bless her, has had a pretty rough life. She saw her own loving father die violently, was in a seriously abusive relationship, and has been constantly pawned about into prospective "marriages." She started off a rather naive, spoiled, and overly-sensible rich girl, but through a baptism of fire, has slowly begun to grow a thicker skin, and this is being reflected in her fashion choices this season. Since dyeing her naturally red hair black to be less Stark-spicuous, her attire has taken a dark twist. If beautiful Sansa was alive today, her lingerie look would be ladylike and retain a sense of innocence, whilst veering on the sultry. Classic lingerie lace and sheer chiffon would retain a childlike sweetness, with delicate shapes and simplistic but cute details whilst retaining a womanly elegance. Due to her dark mood, Sansa's current choice in panties would only be black or shades of grey.

Lace Racerback Bra, $24,

Let's Stay In Shortie, $30,

Swan Lake Tulle Bra, $111, Lake Tulle Knickers, $183,

8. Cersei

Cersei is a b*tch. There's no denying it. But she's a clever little wench, and a bloody beautiful one at that. Her meanness isn't totally unrelatable, though. As revealed in the last episode, she has been waiting for a "younger, more beautiful" lady to take all she holds dear (a bit like Snow White, really) since she was a (catty) little Lannister. She also has to hold her own in a family of sociopathic, money-obsessed, and power hungry men. There's no wonder she's not peaches and cream, really...In the unfortunate event that Cersei was a real human being, her lingerie would be all Lannister red, illustriously patterned and adorned and uber-fancy. Her boudoir attire would be elegantly covering but might feature a plunging neckline for drama. Only the best will do for Cersei, so I'd expect nothing less than silk.

Poppy Ruffle Teddy, $51,

Printed Losin It Romper, $117,

9. Ellaria

A free lover, and passionate red-blooded woman of Dorne, Ellaria Sand is a force to be reckoned with. Having to watch her paramour have his eyes clawed in by a mountainous warrior beast has (quite rightly) sent her on a quest for revenge! With her three highly skilled warrior daughters by her side, we are set to see a lot more from Ellaria Sand this season!Hailing from Dorne, a real life Ellaria would favor a sunny palette of oranges, golds, and yellows for her smalls. Subtle details of lace and perhaps the odd jangling metallic embellishment would make a statement. As a pretty active and badass lady, Ellaria would want to wear lingerie that is both comfortable and easy on the eye. Fabrics would be natural to allow her skin to breathe in the glorious Dornish climate. She'd also favor a skimpy cut, and see-through details, as Dornish women are not afraid to flaunt their sexuality!

Lace Triangle Bra, $27, Lace High-Waisted Knickers, $18,

Intimately Eclipse Brami, $42, For Love & Lemons Snapdragon Cheeky Undies, $102,

Images: Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO; Giphy; Courtesy Brands