12 Iconic Taylor Swift Outfits From Her Music Vids

When Taylor Swift first came into the limelight, listeners couldn't decide if they should like her for the interesting pop twist she put on country music, or loathe her for trying to be a pop-country singer. Now, Taylor Swift has made TIME Magazine 's 100 Most Influential People List, almost 10 years after her first, self-titled album came out. The magazine is calling her an Icon in 2015, and, based on her music videos, I believe this was T. Swift's destiny — especially in the style department.

She's never afraid to use names, share personal details, or include keepsakes (ahem, Harry Style's necklace) in her songs or music videos, and has nailed the idea of having a signature style ("red lipstick" is practically synonymous with "Taylor Swift" at this point). Swift has transformed from a country teen artist with long, super curly hair to a New Yorker (it's been waiting for you) with a trendy lob, but she still relates to us mere mortals. Whether through sharing her all-too-familiar stories of heartache or wearing a dress from Urban Outfitters, Swift has never lost that special "realness" that made us all fall in love in the first place. No matter if we're looking at her #TBT music videos or her most recent ones from her "1989" album, Swift's vibe has never "gone out of style." Take a look at her 12 most iconic music video outfits.

1. Her "Love Story" Gown

She's literally a princess.

2. Her Green Dress In "Teardrops On My Guitar"

The fact that I never casually lay in bed wearing an emerald gown is the reason for the teardrops on my guitar.

3. Her White Slip In "Tim McGraw"

There's no better way to lay by a lake than with a vintage camera and a vintage, cotton dress.

4. Her Flapper Dress In "Mean"

From couture gowns to flapper girl, Swift can literally pull of any look. And have so much fun doing it, because how could you not twist and turn in this dress?

5. Her Black & White Dress In "Mean"

I couldn't help but include two pictures from this music video. If you're going to be a damsel in distress, you might as well look that classic and timeless doing it. I'm not so certain Swift wasn't born in the wrong decade.

6. Her Pastel Dress In "Begin Again"

This look is the definition of classic beauty. Her dress is very subtle, but oh so elegant.

7. Her LBD In "Picture To Burn"

Swift can even be a BA when she needs to be. She showed off her edgy side in her "Picture To Burn" with a black mini and over-the-knee boots. Demi Lovato, IMO the queen of edgy-pop-glam style, should be taking notes.

8. Her Princess Gown In "Our Song"

Cinderella? Is that you? Oh no, just Swift hanging out on her front porch in a full on gown. NBD.

9. Her Sunnies And Tee In "22"

Even in a graphic tee and black shorts, Swift has a way of turning a simple outfit into one to envy, just by adding a hat and red sunglasses.

10. Her Tea Length Dress In "Blank Space"

Her style has grown up in the past ten years, but she retains a hint of sparkle that keeps it classic Swift.

11. Her Couture Gown In "Blank Space"


12. Her White Co-Ords In "Style"

It's not just a white top and white shorts, but Taylor's signature crop top look and high-waisted shorts. This classic style may just be the look that made her a style icon.

Images: YouTube