This Couple Secretly Gave Birth To Twins And The Shocked Looks On Their Family's Faces Are So Wonderful — VIDEO

Pregnancy is a highly personal experience. When someone you love (or just happen to see on a regular basis) is cooking up a baby, there are all kind of wonderfully supportive, positive things you can say to them...and there are also things you shouldn't say to a pregnant friend. One repeat complaint I always hear from pregnant friends of mine: Everyone is constantly pestering to learn the gender of their baby. Very often, this is an exciting detail that can help the parents learn a tiny sliver about this human poised to enter their lives like, forever. Other times, the parents just wanna make sure the baby is healthy and will learn about the whole gender thing later on. However, one thing I always fail to ask because it's about as common and regular as asking, "Hey, so—do you think your kid is gonna be an astronaut or a cosmonaut or nah?" is, "So how many babies are in there?" Call me presumptuous but I generally assume there's just one fetus friend chilling in there. This couple stirred that up BIG TIME when they surprised family and friends with secret twins.

I used to think I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant was an A+ show until I realized how scary that prospect was. A surprise baby. I guess it would be less scary if it was a surprise bonus baby. Like, you already planned on shooting one out, so what's one more? I mean, it happened to Monica and Chandler and it looked like it worked out pretty well for them.


The whole thing started when the pregnant couple decided they wanted the gender of their new babyfriend a surprise. So, when the Big Day arrived, visitors to the hospital were all clearly anticipating finding out this important piece of information—but what they actually found out was a much bigger surprise than they expected. Their reactions are priceless:

Korey Rademacher on YouTube

I cannot imagine how incredibly stoked I'd be to learn someone close to me created not just one, but two new minuscule people I could love forever. What a wonderful surprise, indeed! You can see the pure joy quickly saturating the family when they find two babies instead of just one. Some of my favorite moments:

When the mom says "I promise I didn't steal someone else's baby!"

Clearly, it would require a person with a sense of humor to crack jokes about her surprise set of twins. But I love it so hard, regardless.

The family portrait photo bomb


"Wait, I almost forgot her twin sister," the dad says before plopping the second infant in a child's lap. I ADORE the blonde woman's expression when the addition goes down.

This lady


She is everything. And sooo not believing this until she does.

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