Is Bethany Alive? 'Pretty Little Liars' Casts A Season 6 Role That's Raising Questions

Even when it's on hiatus, theories about Pretty Little Liars Season 6 are never in short supply. Who is Charles Dilaurentis? Is Jason Charles? Is Andrew Charles? AM I CHARLES? Speculation is running rampant now more than ever after Big A's reveal. But given that this is PLL we're talking about, it's always best never to leave any stone unturned. Which is partially what's making everyone super suspicious about the show's latest casting decision. The ABC Family drama recently announced that Dre Davis will play the role of Kimberly Brown on PLL . However, many fans have already begun theorizing that Davis' Kimberly Brown is actually Bethany Young, who (surprise!) may not be dead after all.

Yes, I'm referring to the Bethany Young. You know, the one whose body was discovered in Alison's grave. But what is it that's making everyone so certain that it's her? I mean, it's not as though Kimberly Brown is an anagram for Bethany Young or anything, much like how Charles' name was first discovered throughout the Tumblr-verse. But that doesn't make this potential discovery any less possible. For starters, her character description in and of itself is sure to raise a few eyebrows, which reveals her to be a tomboy who "used to brim with confidence, but she has to deal with a lot in order to get her old self back." Hmm, I wonder what happened to her… perhaps she was, oh, I don't know, buried alive?

That's enough to pretty much mess anyone up. However, that's not the biggest reveal about Davis' character. Far from it, actually. The actress recently Instagramed a photo of herself wearing a very familiar looking blonde wig and yellow top. And while the photo has sense been deleted from her account, it was enough to give diehard viewers just the ammunition they needed to start casting their predictions regarding Bethany's fate.

Given the state of her attire, I'd say it's safe to assume we're in store for a few Bethany-related flashbacks, revealing her side of the story during that fateful summer night. But that doesn't mean we'll only be seeing her in flashback form. Taking the time to give Bethany an actual face after all this time seems like a good indicator that Bethany is alive after all. (Hey, if Alison can rise from the dead than so can she!) Plus, bringing people back from the dead is the kind of thing PLL is known for. Case in point…

Basically, anything is possible in a town like Rosewood. And now that we're all 99.9 percent sure that this alleged Kimberly is actually Bethany, it leaves us with so many more questions. How does she know Charles? Is she Charles? Has Charles been keeping her hidden somewhere in his secret lair? (I doubt it's just been Mona in there this whole time.) But regardless of how all of this shakes out, I think someone is going to have to give Davis an important lesson in spoiler prevention because PLL fans are like sponges when it comes to this kind of stuff. They soak up everything.

You've been warned.

Images: ABC Family [screen grab]; beaufortplace/Tumblr; prettylittleliars/Tumblr