7 Small Space Gardening Ideas So You Can Usher Spring Into Even The Tiniest Of Apartments

After a long, cold, miserable winter, we could all do with a little extra greenery in our lives — but when you live in a tight space, you don't exactly have the room to exercise your green thumb. That's where these genius small space gardening ideas by our friends at Hometalk come in. You don't need to have a huge yard in order to enjoy the full lushness of spring. With a little creativity, you can watch spring bloom into view with these easy DIY projects.

Have you found yourself drooling over pictures of flourishing flower beds and lush green gardens? As warmer weather heads our way, every house and street corner is starting to sprout greenery, and it’s getting you in the planting mood. Which is great — unless you're confined to a smaller space with little or no gardening opportunities. But you don’t have to let your tight space limit your budding dreams! You might not have a large garden, but as long as you have a windowsill, you can put your green thumb to good use. Use these seven small space gardening ideas to add a vertical flower bed to your balcony, a fragrant herb garden to your kitchen countertop, and much, much more.

1. Stack up your flower beds

Create a mini plant nursery paradise on your patio by adapting a shipping pallet to fit a couple rows of bright flowers. As long as it’s in a place where it gets some sunlight and you water it as needed, your garden should provide you with the greenery you desperately need all season long.

Project via Ronja @ Nur Noch

2. Grow veggies on your balcony

That’s right — even a vegetable patch isn’t out of your reach. If you’ve got a balcony or some outer wall that gets a lot of sunlight, try this trellis idea for growing cucumbers in a small space. Get ready for a spring full of gardening and munching on your own homegrown produce.

Project via Susan @ Oh My! Creative

3. Fill a wall with a hanging planter

Build this simple hanger using inexpensive pine boards, and then just arrange a couple pots full of your favorite flowers or creepers for a leafy look that will soften your space and freshen your air.

Project via Whitney and Ashley @Shanty2Chic

4. Add a wall hanging full of succulents

For a fun way to add vertical garden space to your walls, hang a sconce or candle holder with enough space for a small potted succulent. These easy maintenance plants are perfect for an out of the way container garden to green up your space.

Project via Carmen @Carmen Johnston Gardens

5. Combine decor and greenery to save space

Instead of choosing between greenery and unique decor to fill your space, combine the two by turning interesting pots and accent pieces into small planters. An eye-catching planter is more than just a touch of green — it’s also a piece of art.

Project via Pam @ House of Hawthornes

6. Use green in your wall decor

Create your own wall-attachable geometric mini planters, perfect for rearranging when you feel like you could use a change. These little concrete succulent planters turn wall decor into living art, and they’re an easy and instant way to upgrade your home with plants.

Project via Ananda @ A Piece of Rainbow

7. Bring in a raised planter table

If you’d love to bring a patch of garden into your living space, try this old tire upcycle, and create a raised flower bed table. With its chunky legs and nautical charm, this repurpose is the perfect Earth Day project, not to mention a great way to keep your green thumb in shape.

Project via Katie @Addicted 2 DIY

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