Which Celebrities Will 2016’s ‘Time’ 100 Include? Taylor Swift & These 9 Other Stars Already Have A Chance

It's only been out for a few hours, but already, the Time 100 Most Influential People List has caused nothing short of an Internet firestorm. It seems that every person has an opinion, whether it's defending Kanye West's number one spot, praising the inclusion of Laverne Cox, or wondering why Amy Poehler wrote an article, but didn't make the list herself. For those grumbling over the magazine's picks, though, look on the bright side: there's always next year, and with that, a whole new set of people for Time to honor as influential.

Of the 100 people the magazine picks for their annual list, a large portion of them are non-celebrities: world leaders, scientists, or human rights activists, individuals whose inclusions typically aren't too debated or criticized, at least on social media. Yet for the actors, directors, musicians and other artists who receive mentions on the list, their spots tend to be heavily debated, and it's likely that while some of this year's picks might make it to next year's list as well, the majority of 2016's ranking will likely include a very different set of people than those listed today. Here's who I predict might make the cut:

Taylor Swift

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Even though she won't have a new album out between now and next year's list, there's simply no way Swift's cultural influence will diminish. Thanks to the success of 1989 and her upcoming world tour, plus her continued dominance over all forms of social media, magazine covers, and fashion choices, Swift will stay culturally relevant for a long, long time.



Both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got spots on the 2015 list, but it wouldn't be surprising if next year, the couple was combined into one ranking. In the last few years, they've merged their empires together, using their individual skills and backgrounds to become the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple. With a new season of KUWTK and an album from West both on their way, plus upcoming collaborations like a selfie book and fashion designs, the husband and wife could easily find themselves sharing a spot on Time's 2016 list.

Amy Poehler


Frustrated Poehler wasn't included on 2015's list? Don't worry — she'll probably take the number one spot next year. The busy comedian is starring in two upcoming movies (one of which, Sisters , she's also producing) and a Netflix TV show, and she's also continuing her work as producer on Broad City and Welcome to Sweden. Poehler is taking over Hollywood, and really, who could complain?



Although no release date has been set, Adele's third album is already one of the most anticipated records of the year. When it does arrive, it's guaranteed to be an enormous smash, and depending on the quality (but really, what chance is there of it being bad?), it could possibly break the records the singer set a few years back with 21. And it'll happen, most likely, without much promotion by the artist or her label, proving that if you have a voice like Adele's, cultural influence just comes with the territory.

Danny Strong


His Empire co-creator Lee Daniels might have gotten this year's spot, but come 2016, it'll be Danny Strong who gets included on the list. In addition to working on Fox's hit show, Strong wrote the upcoming Mockingjay — Part 2, the last in the Hunger Games franchise. Add in possible re-appearances on Mad Men or Girls, and it's impossible to imagine a "most influential" list without including the prolific star.

Judd Apatow


Apatow has always held major influence in Hollywood, having pioneered the "bromance" genre and produced some of the most successful comedies of all-time. Yet this year and next, his impact is going to be even greater, thanks to a slate of movies and TV shows he directed and/or produced such as Trainwreck, Pee-wee's Big Holiday, and season 5 of Girls, plus a TV show he's creating for Netflix called Love . Come 2016, Judd Apatow's work will be everywhere.

Jennifer Lawrence


It's not just Lawrence's busy 2015-2016 schedule — she has Joy, Mockingjay - Part 2, X-Men Apocalypse and It's What I Do all in the works — that puts her on the list, but what that time in the spotlight means for the actress: that she'll say or do something memorable and groundbreaking. Maybe it'll be commenting on Hollywood's double standards, or revealing personal info most actors would never dare; while the content may be unknown, there's no question that this year, Lawrence will remind us why she's the lovable, outspoken mega-star she is.

Shonda Rhimes

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It's a shock that Shonda Rhimes, she of TV dominance, wasn't included on the 2015 list, but it's an error that will most likely be rectified next year. Because in addition to the three hit shows she already has on the air, Rhimes' newest series, The Catch , will probably have begun airing. And, considering it's a Shonda Rhimes show, it'll probably be good. And popular. And ridiculously live-tweeted. And another example of why its creator is the most influential showrunner in her industry.

Melissa McCarthy

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A few of the projects on McCarthy's upcoming slate: Spy, coming this June; Michelle Darnell, a comedy she wrote and is starring in; the Ghostbusters reboot; another season of Mike & Molly, her CBS hit. The era of Melissa McCarthy is approaching, and more people than ever will get to witness and be influenced by the comedian's incredible talent.

Ava DuVernay


Directing Selma propelled DuVernay into the spotlight, and she's using her newfound celebrity to make and promote projects passionate to her heart. Next up is For Justice, a CBS drama pilot; there's also Queen Sugar for the OWN Network, plus a movie starring David Oyelowo about Hurricane Katrina. 2015 saw DuVernay rise, but 2016 will see her soar.

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