Misty Copeland Named On 'TIME' Magazine's Most Influential People List — So Here Are 11 Ways To Channel Your Inner Ballerina

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Your favorite prima ballerina Misty Copeland is on TIME Magazine's Most Influential People list today. And it is so easy to see why she made the cut. In her video interview with TIME, she said, "It's important for me to set an example of what a healthy image is... What a ballerina can be. That she doesn't have to be a white woman that's rail thin." She added, "She can look like the world." Isn't Copeland just the best role model?

Coincidentally, ballerina fashion is all the rage right now: There are many celebrities channeling ballerina style and the spring/summer 2015 runways hosting ballerina style garments.

I was so inspired by the incredible Misty Copeland that I wanted to steal her ballerina look, which is totally on trend. So here are the top ballerina-inspired pieces I found to have you pirouetting in glee!

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