12 Shakespeare-Themed Items That'll Help You Celebrate The Bard's Birthday In Style

Wednesday marks William Shakespeare’s 451st birthday: that’s 451 years of kickass heroines, high-jinksy marriage plots, and devastating disses. Not to mention, of course, the hordes of books, movies, fashion, and ­— my personal favorite — cute stuff Billy the Bard’s 37 plays and 154 sonnets (and 1 majestically bearded face) have inspired over the centuries.

Sometimes the best measure of genius isn’t just an artist’s body of work itself, but the modes of thought, the movements, and, yeah, the stuff that that work inspires; and by that measure, Shakespeare is the genius to end all geniuses. Here’s to Shakespeare’s enduring legacy, and the adorable and reasonably priced merch that legacy has created. Because no party is complete without a goody bag.

Hot Pink Shakespeare Bust

You may ask yourself: Why do I need a hot pink Shakespeare bust in my home? To which I ask you: Why don’t you need a hot pink Shakespeare bust in your home?

Shakespeare bust statue in bright hot pink, $65, mahzerandvee

Shakespeare Quote Dish

I am five-foot nothing, so I relate to this dish on a deep emotional level. But everyone needs a cute-lookin’ tray to stash all your crap in!

Shakespeare Quote Dish, $34, joyandnoelle


To celebrate Billy the Bard’s lexical genius.

Hamlet ‘NO’ T-Shirt, $19.16, Bugsponge

Battle of Wits Coffee Mug

Your morning mantra: make Shakespeare proud with my biting sarcasm.

Shakespeare Coffee Mug, $11.99, PerkMeUps

Romeo and Juliet Printed Tights

So you’ll never run out of reading material — unless your stockings run. Heh.

Romeo and Juliet printed tights, $24.90, colinedesign

Macbeth Brass Cuff

Keep it spooky with this brass cuff, which features Macbeth’s famous “Double, double, toil and trouble” scene.

Macbeth Quote Brass Cuff Bracelet, $40, JezebelCharms

A Midsummer Night's Dream Print

A gorgeous print featuring a gorgeous quote from one of Shakespeare’s most gorgeous plays. Too.much.pretty.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Poster, $20, printdesignstudio

Book Clutch

Like Olympia Le-Tan’s lust-worthy book clutches, but not $2,000! Need it now.

William Shakespeare Midsummer Night’s Dream Book Clutch, $66.16, psBesitos

Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais Skirt

Show the world that you’re a literature buff and an art nerd (plus your cute butt) in this bodycon skirt, which is printed with Sir John Everett Millais’s pre-Raphaelite masterpiece, “Ophelia,” which was inspired by Hamlet.

Ophelia-Hamlet Skirt, $65, RetroFolie

Shakespeare Earrings

For the kitsch queen in all of us.

Shakespeare earrings, $9.95, thingtheory

Romeo & Juliet Scarf

To go with your R+J printed tights, of course.

Romeo & Juliet Book Scarf, $48, storiarts

Penguin Clothbound Classic

Not only does this Penguin Clothbound Classic look beautiful on your bookshelf, it houses some of the most beautiful verses ever written.

The Sonnets and a Lover’s Complaint by William Shakespeare, Illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith, $22, Penguin