12 Shakespeare-Themed Items That'll Help You Celebrate The Bard's Birthday In Style

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Wednesday marks William Shakespeare’s 451st birthday: that’s 451 years of kickass heroines, high-jinksy marriage plots, and devastating disses. Not to mention, of course, the hordes of books, movies, fashion, and ­— my personal favorite — cute stuff Billy the Bard’s 37 plays and 154 sonnets (and 1 majestically bearded face) have inspired over the centuries.

Sometimes the best measure of genius isn’t just an artist’s body of work itself, but the modes of thought, the movements, and, yeah, the stuff that that work inspires; and by that measure, Shakespeare is the genius to end all geniuses. Here’s to Shakespeare’s enduring legacy, and the adorable and reasonably priced merch that legacy has created. Because no party is complete without a goody bag.

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