What Would A 'Vampire Diaries' & 'America's Next Top Model' Crossover Look Like?

I know, I know: It's sort of a strange thing to wonder, but stay with me here — the idea of a Vampire Diaries and America's Next Top Model crossover is undeniably intriguing, as crazy as it sounds. Sure, the vampires and human residents of Mystic Falls, Virginia don't have any modeling experience (though they definitely look like they should be strutting down catwalks in Paris), but I think each of our beloved The Vampire Diaries characters would be able to hold their own on the Tyra Banks-hosted modeling competition. And hey, even if they weren't able to, they'd certainly be fan favorites regardless.

But, let's add another layer to this. What would it look like if Banks was a vampire and the host?! What if other contestants were vampires too? I'm telling you, there are just so many possibilities here, it's really difficult not to go through them all in your head as often as you wonder which Vampire Diaries 'ship is the ultimate one.

So, let's do just that. Without further ado — here's what it would look like if the painfully good-looking The Vampire Diaries cast encountered Tyra Banks and her team of hypothetically vampire models:

Tyra Banks would be the fiercest vampire

Let's start there.

And also the scariest

But, like, in the best way possible. SMOLDER.

She'd slay the competition

As in, she'd actually slay them.

Under no circumstances would she tolerate bad attitudes

To be fair, this is just how Banks is IRL on the show — remember that epic "we were all rooting for you" monologue? No?! Enjoy:

hollyxlove on YouTube

Or intra-vampire relationship drama:

The only drama that she would allow is dramatic/FIERCE looks on the catwalk.

Model rivalries would quickly escalate into all-out blood feuds:

Literally. There'd be blood everywhere.

When ANTM hopefuls get hungry, they'd feast:

Upon the souls of the living, that is. Ratings would be through the roof.

And you wouldn't like them when they're hungry:


So. Much. Smizing.

Dead-eyed, soulless vampire smizing — aka, the best kind.

Images: The CW; Giphy (9)