Condé Nast Set To Open A Design School In China

Of course we all know Condé Nast because of major publications like Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, and the like. But, a lesser know fact about the corporation may be the fact that it owns the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London. Condé Nast is set to open a sister school in Shanghai, China, according to Fashionista, named Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design. It’s no surprise that the company has its sights set on China, as it is such a booming economy, especially when it comes to fashion.

Having studied abroad in Hong Kong for three months, I can say first hand that fashion is a huge part of the culture there. Not to mention, they’re so ahead of the trends. I was able to buy clothes in Hong Kong (lots and lots of clothes, in fact!), and when I came home three months later with the trends I’d been wearing were just starting to emerge in the states. So, China definitely seems like the place for emerging fashion designers to break into the industry.

The school is seeking post graduates looking to gain technical skills and knowledge and get their start in the field. Offering classes focused on marketing, design and digital communications, the school seems to have a business focus — perfect for helping a talented designer develop the savvy necessary to launch a successful brand.

"There is an expertise gap between the fashion industry’s needs and what many candidates can provide,” said Dominique Simard, the executive director of the Center. “Lack of applicable skills and knowledge together with practical industry exposure remains a crucial challenge for preparing graduates for the ever-demanding workforce. This is our focus as an executive fashion education provider in China.”

Very good news for upcoming fashion designers. The school will open later this fall, so if you’re hoping to become fashions next breakout star, this could be just the way to boost your career.